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I find baby wipes will clean up stains on clothing or upholstery (or almost anything) if caught quickly.
For pet urine and other rug stains, we use Nature's Miracle.
For spilled red wine, etc. my mom taught me to just wet the carpet very thoroughly and blot up. If you catch it quickly, that's all you need. Let it dry, though, and you're doomed.
OxiClean (pre-soaking is key) gets out almost any laundry stain. Or a presoak in Biz--it's harder to find these days, but it works.

Cleaning Secret Weapons
Reader Intelligence Report

1/8/11 10:10 AM

If it's possible for a refrigerator to be beautiful, I think this one is! I have a green kitchen, this would look beautiful--but I'm hoping the person with the 24-yr-old fridge wins!

Win This Green Tea Refrigerator from Amana!
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11/22/10 05:10 PM

I love Jodi Kahn's books and crafts--so happy to see her work getting the attention it deserves!
You have to check out the "Hello my name is" onesies and the photo transfer/fabric Christmas ornaments too!

DIY I'm Stuffed! Fabric Cans
8/19/10 03:29 PM