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I love my cowhide rug! We've had it under our dining table for over 4 years and with three young kids in the house, it's survived a multitude of spills of all shapes and sizes! It has a few bald spots from some aggressive vacuuming but I think it only adds some patina. ~Lily

Cowhide Rugs: Perfect for Red Wine Enthusiasts & Klutzes
9/26/11 07:07 PM

Hi Karen! I'm currently on the hunt for a sectional and I love yours...where did you find it?

Karen Bertelsen's De-Grannified Home
Style At Home

7/1/11 09:14 PM

I purchased a mid century sofa/daybed for $25. that I recently sold to make way for a more comfortable sectional. You can take a look at it here...

What Thrift Store Find Do You Treasure Most?
7/1/11 09:01 PM

Off to spritz my rug...have had this problem for the past 3 years and tried everything! Well, I hadn't stapled it down yet :) Thank you!

How To Flatten a Curling Cowhide
5/20/11 01:12 AM

Oh my goodness! I love this idea. I'm a sucker for anything miniature too. :)

Delight Your Kids with an Elf Entrance

12/7/10 01:40 PM

You might like to check out Restoration Hardware as well.

Similar Pendants for Recent Kitchen Reno?
Good Questions

12/7/10 01:38 PM