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I've had this same problem! Always the next day it tastes sour..I'm wondering if it's the container I'm keeping it in? I strain it and put it in a plastic pitcher, maybe jars would be better? Good luck, I wish someone could help us!

To the "where are u getting your almonds" question..is there a specific type of almond we should be using? I just get raw ones from WF.

Is There Any Way to Increase the Shelf Life of Homemade Almond Milk? Good Questions
5/14/14 01:12 PM

I'd be interested to see if this worked with greens, oatmeal and/or protein powder, which are two essentials in my smoothies. My work ahead is this: wake up, pour oatmeal in the blender and cover it with coconut water. Go to the gym for an hour, come back and add a frozen smoothie pack I made on Sunday (greens and fruit), add protein powder and blend.

The Best Way to Make Big Batches of Smoothies Ahead of Time Tips from The Kitchn
2/18/14 10:08 AM

Love this idea! Just getting into yogurt for breakfast too. I like PB & Yogurt, but the tzatziki/bell pepper/tomatoes is so intriguing!

Savory Yogurt Toppings: 4 Ideas for Breaking the Fruit & Granola Routine
9/17/13 12:05 PM

Are there a specific amount of eggs in this quiche?

Another Ten Minute, Ten Dollar Dinner: Pat-in-the-Pan-Crust Quiche
9/11/13 03:02 PM

Love, love this idea.
Last year when the weather got bad, my boyfriend did an indoor picnic. We bought salami, cheese, good bread, olives and a little wine, and laid out a blanket on the ground and sat on pillows. It was fantastic.

I also did an Indian theme the next week with pompadom, lentil dip, and baba ganoush.

4 Tips for Snacks that Stand in for Supper
9/9/13 02:59 PM

Hey Emma!
I wrote an article about cashew cream for a Portland magazine called MIX awhile back, there's a couple recipes in it:

Though I will say that Post Punk Kitchen's Creamy Red Chard Linguine was my gateway drug into cashew cream usage:


Talk to Me About Cashew Cream Ingredient Spotlight
9/5/13 11:36 AM

Supernatural Everyday by Heidi Swanson of 101cookbooks..definitely a keeper. Good luck!

Also, always plan a menu on the weekend and buy ahead so you don't resort to delivery, trust me I'm been there :)

What Are Your Favorite Cookbooks for Healthy & Cheap Recipes? Good Questions
7/25/13 04:09 PM

I've switched fully to club soda and gins now instead of my stand G&T because of that sweet problem. No sugar or calories, and yeah the first sip is a little strong but after that is quite pleasant :)

Make the Best Gin & Tonic of Your Life: Advice from a Bartender in Oporto 10-Minute Happy Hour
6/14/13 02:54 PM

I love this piece, so many helpful tips! I also appreciate the very practical advice that includes being respectful to those around you. I like "if you don't have optimal light, just put your camera away." Thanks!

5 Tips For Taking Better Food Photos
When You Travel Guest Post from Dylan + Jeni

6/11/13 01:19 PM

Not only am I a huge PB fan, but I just love Chris' posts. His writing is witty and fresh.

My Travel Snack: Peanut Butter
6/4/13 06:11 PM

Thanks for your help guys!

Cheaper (But Still Reliable) Alternative to a Vitamix Blender? Good Questions
5/30/13 03:46 PM

I read a recipe where you add a date when you blend it for sweetness and tried it to great results! Thanks for posting this, and reminding me I want to do this again. So easy, so much better than store bought.

Has anyone ever made it in bigger than 2 cup batches? I make a lot of smoothies...

How to Make Almond Milk at Home Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
5/28/13 12:56 PM

Love this topic. And the idea of dressing a salad in just fruity olive oil and oregano. Thanks for the inspiration!

True Greek Recipe: Paximadi Bread Salad with Tomatoes, Feta and Capers Recipes from The Kitchn
5/23/13 01:33 PM

As rain smacks against my window right now, my instinct says "dark beer please!" though future summer me would love a refreshing sparkling to plop a few cherries in.

Enter to Win a Copy of True Brews by Emma Christensen Cookbook Giveaway on The Kitchn
5/23/13 01:29 PM

Kale salads are my go-to bring to work lunch. Love the simplicity of this one!

Make-Ahead Lunch Recipe: Chopped Kale, Farro & Chickpea Salad Recipes from The Kitchn
5/21/13 12:29 PM

It's not that exciting, but a tostada shell smeared with canned refried beans (jazzed up with jalepenos and spices), goat cheese and some kale really hit the spot last night in a very short amount of time...

A Real Dinner, Fast: 5 Favorite Types of Almost-No-Work Meals
5/17/13 12:17 PM

Thanks so much!

5 Tips for More Satisfying Smoothies
5/14/13 12:12 PM

This post has such fun design elements! I would agree about the garlic though, or a healthy sprinkling of herbs since it sounds like it might get a little bland? Or maybe the lemon zest defeats that?

Spring Recipe: Carrot Ribbon Fettuccine Guest Post from Erin Gleeson of The Forest Feast
5/7/13 02:22 PM

Savory smoothies (that are enough of a meal for breakfast)

Making smoothies flavorful/substantial

Nettles tea

Packable lunches that aren't grain salads or sandwiches

:) yay! love this idea!

Got a Question for Reader Request Week? Tell Us What You Want on The Kitchn!
4/26/13 02:52 PM

I'm confused about this ingredient..do you need to cook them before adding them to all of these dish ideas? Or just sprinkle them with salt to make them palatable? Thanks!

5 Ways to Use a Jar of Preserved Lemons Ingredient Spotlight
4/8/13 02:16 PM