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Beautiful kitchen, love the different whites that form a wonderful palette. Just finished her book, I loved the deep view we got of MFK. Feel as though I really knew her.

Anne's M.F.K. Fisher-Influenced San Francisco Kitchen
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8/24/11 11:18 AM

I love your home, your ideas and ideals.
To be able to reflect your politics, both personal and political, is genius!

Cissy & Richard's Daring House by the Sea
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7/9/11 01:01 PM

This is one of the best make over's I have seen anywhere! Fresh and clean, very usable, every bit of space used and yet it does not use crowded.

Before & After: A Compact Green Kitchen Renovation
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6/29/11 12:53 PM

This sounds wonderful. Even the local coop has a lot of packaging, and for me it's a waste. I can check almost anything online if I am worried about the health of a product.
Come to Tucson!.

America's First Packaging-Free Grocery Store

6/28/11 12:10 PM

We have one of the generic number beds, we are both heavy and like it very much. I have severe arthritis and after a surgery in a dirty operating room had to stay in bed for months. The ability to change the hardness of the bed was wonderful. With a lot of pain I found a softer bed helped, usually though I like a firm bed. Partner likes firm bed. We sleep on a king size and my only complaint is inability to hold hands without moving toward the middle. All in all, it's been great.

Some Things I've Learned So Far
A Year in Bed

1/11/11 07:23 PM