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I love chard with eggs. In a quiche with cheese or over polenta with mushrooms and a poached egg on top!

Hurray! Cucumbers and Summer Squash in This Week's CSA Box Keeping Up With My CSA Box: Week 4
7/7/14 05:00 PM

Loooooove Monforte! They also have a booth/shop/shipping container thingy at Scadding Court (Dundas and Bathurst). They do ice cream and grilled cheese sandwiches, too!

More Canadian things, pleeeeease!

In Canada? Try Monforte Dairy Cheeses The Cheesemonger
7/24/12 03:33 PM

I've always thought to myself "I'll be a real adult when I can buy cases of wine and have some on hand at all times (like my parents do)," but here in Ontario there're no discounts for buying in bulk and I'd feel weird dropping $100 at the LCBO in one go. Blerg.

Smart Tip: Keep a Case (or Two) of House Wine on Hand
4/23/12 04:32 PM

bacon detector.

How To Stop Annoying Smoke Detector False Alarms
4/19/12 02:28 PM

"I love food. I love making food, I love eating food, I love talking about food, I love learning about food." = explaining myself

Are You a Foodie? Or a Culinarian?
12/1/11 02:17 PM


Mop it Up! The Etiquette of Cleaning Your Plate with Bread
11/23/11 02:09 PM

soup! soup! soup!

Can I Cook Multiple Varieties of Winter Squash Together?
Good Questions

11/22/11 02:13 PM

What is with all these fast-eaters?? I grew up in a family who would spend HOURS at the dinner table during any group meal. I attended a (Canadian) thanksgiving potluck at a friend's cottage a few weeks ago, and I was the only one still eating for almost half an hour after the others (all 14 of them)! Then again, maybe I'm just an abnormally slow eater... Even so, I'd love it if my manfriend could find it in him to take just a liiiiiittle more time to eat/appreciate my home-cooked meals before putting his dish in the sink.

In other words: I FEEL YOUR PAIN.

How Can I Slow the Consuming of Thanksgiving Dinner?
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11/14/11 03:12 PM

@Lorna23 I'm in Toronto as well and although $3 wines just plain do not exist here thanks to the LCBO, I've found that there're lots of options as far as cheap-but-good wine goes! I rarely spend more than $10 on wine for home and when I feel like being fancy $16 (in the Vintages section) is my usual limit.

Maybe try some of Billly Munnelly's suggestions ( sometime. He's awesome!

Why You Should Invest in Cheap Wine
11/14/11 12:45 PM

I. Agree. With these words.

Why You Should Invest in Cheap Wine
11/14/11 12:10 PM

I'm not really finicky (except when it comes to the few foods that I just CAN'T like no matter how hard I try), but I'm definitely a bit of an OCD weirdo in the kitchen. I like things to be done a certain way and it drives me CRAZY when they're not. Slices of veggies in a salad need to look pretty and be as uniform as possible, fried eggs need to have cooked whites and lava-like yolks, pasta waters needs to be perfectly salted, plates need to look pretty if they're being served to guests... It's the kind of stuff that keeps my boyfriend out of the kitchen most of the time, probably out of fear (sorry)!

But that stuff only applies in my own kitchen when I'm cooking for myself. I don't demand it from restaurants or other people's kitchens!

Weekend Meditation: Persnickety
10/31/11 03:26 PM

usually cheese (in/on most things) or ginger in soup/baked things).

Fill in the Blank: A Little More ____ Never Hurt!
10/21/11 02:24 PM

any pasta + broccoli + mushrooms (+ chicken, if handy) + olive oil + garlic + chili flakes + parmesan and/or goat cheese (+ cream, if i'm feeling fancy).

What Is Your Best Quick, Last-Minute Pasta Recipe?
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10/21/11 02:23 PM

definitely the cold running water. however, i burned my elbow on a fondue pot in paris and i found that pressing my baby bottle (yeah... of chilled white wine against it for a few minutes kept it from looking too ugly the next day. basically anything that's cold but not ice-cold.

Ouch! How Do You Treat a Kitchen Burn?
10/19/11 02:17 PM

Alton Brown's "instant" pancake mix recipe is my favourite. When I lived with my parents there was always a box of pancake mix in the pantry, so it's nice to have a homemade version lying around.

I got into the habit of making up my own directions/ingredient amounts when using the boxed stuff, and somehow I always ended up with panackes that were at least an inch thick. I'd add chocolate chips to the batter when I was making them for me and my little brother... I always thought it'd be hilarious to make him a birthday "cake" using a bunch of my extra-thick chocolate chip pancakes instead of cake layers!

Craving: Buttermilk Pancakes with Maple Syrup
9/13/11 01:58 PM

All I can think of is this:

Grey Poupon Dijon Mustard? "But of Course!"
9/7/11 09:07 AM

My grandma made us a DELICIOUS chilled cucumber soup the other day. I'm on the "love them" side, so long as they're done right.

Chilled Soups: Love Them or No, Thanks?
8/28/11 07:12 PM

Caprese salad x 1000

Memory Lane: What's Your Quintessential Summer Dish?
8/22/11 02:32 PM

Sigh... Why can't all us Pipers have our dream kitchens?

Kitchen Tour: Piper's Dream-to-Reality Kitchen
8/16/11 03:45 PM

yup. that photo pretty much covers it.

What's Cooking This Weekend?
Weekend of August 13-14, 2011

8/14/11 03:21 PM