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Awesome! This bathroom is why I am such a fan of small spaces. You can splurge on gorgeous MARBLE floors and not break the bank. Lovely job. Congrats!

Before & After: From a Closet to a Bathroom
...and a Good Question

11/12/10 03:16 PM

*love* the balloon. After attending countless weddings, people want an 'experience' and at least these folks seem to be attempting to bring their guests something more than just another event.

Unique Save-the-Dates

11/1/10 10:56 AM

love all those rooms. well done!

How To Deal With Wall-To-Wall Carpet Woes
10/27/10 05:00 PM

color on walls always represents 'courage' to me. and the bolder, the better. i like being surprised when i go to people's homes. anyone can take a safe road - but it's those fortunate and brave few that know how to provide a color on their walls that inspire them and excite their guests. even if a color is not my choice of shade, if the homedwellers are committed to the hue, i buy into it and just - love it! go green.

Inspiration: Opulent Olive Green
10/26/10 02:57 PM

L O V E that color.

Inside the Bohemian Bedroom of Britney Nason
10/14/10 07:46 PM

Damage free solution is using STARCH! I have been waiting my whole life to give this tip about rentals and wall paper. I read this tip decades ago from a military wife that wallpapered her military housing by using simple STARCH! It goes up and stays up and then it can be removed without any holes or left over goo. I actually tried it and it worked like a dream. You can use the can starch for small projects or buy the kind in a bottle for big jobs!

Look! Rental Friendly Wallpaper Solution
10/13/10 09:20 AM

Honestly, it looks like he's just begun! I'd like to see more more more. So far so good though...

Where Do I Draw the Line for Mixing Styles?
Good Questions

9/28/10 10:26 AM

Your story about the wet vac could quite possibly have saved my sanity, and my rottweiler's coat. Just today I was going to google "shaving down a big dog." I am NOT kidding. We live in a townhouse and we love our big rescue dog but the hair is EVERYWHERE. Woven into the carpets, rugs. I have to BRUSH my carpets to 'sort of' make a dent on all the hair. I think I'll rent a wet vac this weekend, hold my breath, and try it out. If it works, we will do a dance in your honor!

Pet Hair Removal: Use Vacuum Attachments on a Shop Vac
9/9/10 04:53 PM


DIY Refrigerator Design: Contact Paper Pattern
Shoestring Pavilion

8/24/10 02:26 PM

*love* it. I also need to say, if you haven't already used Valspar paint, which Mr. Santos used on his studio, run out and get it now. I used it to paint my brand new "thirsty" dry wall with orange peel textured walls and in most cases I only needed one coat! The other rooms where I used a more high end brand I needed several coats to cover the orange peel. This is a good paint that is inexpensive and I'd dare say better quality than the more expensive ones.

The Big Reveal! Barney's Pop Art Loft
The Inside Man

8/19/10 02:23 PM

I have an 80 lbs indoor Rottweiler. I have tried EVERYTHING and the only thing that has actually worked is baking soda. I bought a huge box of the stuff for like 2 bucks, I put it in my martini shaker and put it on the carpets and rugs and let it sit for an hour or so and then I vacuum it up. It absorbs the odors without leaving a flowery scent. Good luck!

Top Tips for Getting Rid of Cat Odors
Reader Intelligence Report

8/19/10 08:40 AM