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I am just like Patrick. I have the Titan Media stand from DWR (10% sale, very nice, almost worth the price, but the design had me and nothing else could compare) as well their Innox square table and a couple Aero chairs (used a gift certificate, honestly way too expensive and would rather have gotten a knock-off). Have a small sectional that I paid $3400 that was regularly $5600, as it was a discontinued floor model from a small Spanish designer (OE Intl.) That was more than I wanted to spend, but I absolutely fell in love with it and it's a superb fit for my place, impeccable quality. Have some shiny lacquered cubes from CB2 that make a coffee table ($320 total), a reading lamp and nightstand from Room and Board (about $500), a bookshelf from Ikea that was $70 (it just _works_), and an Arco repro from China that's like $500. Oh yeah, and a Tate bed from Crate and Barrel $1300) with a linens/coverlet set from ($300)... and a a Talalay latex mattress from SleepEZ ($1200) (sorry guys, it blows away the Sonno/memory foam stuff).

Everything that I bought was researched to the hilt. Seriously, if you added up all the time looking online, going to showrooms, discussing with my fellow design buddies, it prolly took at least 200 hours of putting my place together over the past year and a half. As I live in a loft where everything is exposed my criteria is first design, then value, then cost. For instance, I considered beds that cost $3000. I also considered beds that cost $300. But the cost really wasn't _that_ big of a deal as I plan to be here for 5 years. In the end, you have to go with what works. $750 is _not_ that much for a bed... I mean geeze, how much is rent for a 700 sqft place in NYC? That's _way_ budget. As much as it disappears, it still has presence. Now the value may be off. But it's likely low volume and fairly high quality for what it is, imported, hand finished, etc, etc.

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