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I think some of the others have had wonderful comments!

I'd also suggest that you might like Nesting Place. Right now they're living in an old farmhouse they just bought, but for years they lived in rentals and she did a lot to really make it home. http://www.thenester.com

How Do I Leave My Heritage Home For a Cookie Cutter Duplex? Good Questions
7/2/14 09:53 AM

Okay, my thoughts....

As everyone, decluttering would help a lot! I need to take my own advice here as well. :)

If you don't really use the fireplace (and I'm guessing it's not actually built into the wall), I'd remove it. If you decide to keep the fireplace, I'd move the tv to either the "blank" wall (that we can't really see in the pictures) or the loveseat wall (and then move the loveseat to the "blank" wall). Wherever the tv ends up, do a big shelving/tv wall, similar to http://thriftydecorchick.blogspot.com/2014/06/dining-room-built-ins.html but with space in the middle for a tv. Closed base cabinets would give you some great hidden storage for toys/dog products/games/etc, and the shelves would give you some open storage for decorative things/components/dvds/games/etc. I'd paint it white to tie in the window trim and also lighten things up.

If the fireplace movable? I think it might be neat to have it on the wall where the loveseat is now, and move the loveseat to the "blank" wall, and keep the tv on the alcove wall. That way you aren't losing so much space on the sides of it but it would still be a nice focal point.

Hang softer, lighter colored floor length curtains.

Help Brainstorm Ideas For Redoing My Living Room? Good Questions
6/30/14 10:36 AM

I'm a bit confused... a lot of people are simply saying to repair the drywall, but wouldn't the air conditioner go through to the outside so you also need to repair the ouside of the house (which would be a lot trickier)? I'm honestly just curious because I'm confused.

Replacement For No-Longer-Needed In-Wall Air Conditioner? Good Questions
6/27/14 01:17 PM

My parents had a similar issue in their first house. My parents ended up getting a window put in there (even though it was kind of an odd place). It looked odd for a few years until my mom got a clear, leaded glass ("stained" glass) window custom built to go over it. After that, it really seemed like it fit a lot better and it looked great!

Not sure you'd want to do that, just thought I'd share an idea. :)

Replacement For No-Longer-Needed In-Wall Air Conditioner? Good Questions
6/27/14 08:36 AM

saral08 - I agree, if they encountered something in my house that was subpar (for example, if I'd forgotten to restock the toilet paper in the bathroom), I'd apologize. I feel like that is a little different than the main part of the article. I was a bit confused about the "we're out of milk" example - why wouldn't you say sorry if they asked for milk and you were out? It's not exactly going to bring extra attention to the fact that you have no milk just because you said sorry.

Never (Ever!) Say This Word To Guests In Your Home
6/23/14 04:26 PM

I'm curious, why would painting the paneling be expensive? I agree with some of the other comments that you need a good primer, but they don't need to be expensive. It can be a bit of a pain to do, but I wouldn't say it's expensive.

I know you said "no paint", but I think I would paint the wall paneling white and leave the beams as they are (maybe paint the paneling inbetween the beams white as well; it would depending on exactly what the ceiling looks like). Maybe stain the beams a bit darker (maybe). That way you keep some of the wood feeling but it's not overwhelming. Whitewash the fireplace very lightly. Updated ceiling fan. Normal curtains on that window. Take a peak and see if there's anything worthwhile under the carper; if not, keep the carpet if it's in decent shape.

Can This \"Man Cave\" Become Cottage Chic? Good Questions
6/23/14 01:55 PM

I think the cheaper room does a fairly good job of looking like the more expensive room!

One correction; the Ikea credenza is actually $429.00 for the walnut veneer, the beige one is $379.00.

One Design, Two Budgets: Textured, Neutral Living Room
5/15/14 04:45 PM

Sorry, I meant that they sealed the counters.

A Cheap Fix: DIY Concrete-Finish Floors, Walls & Countertops
4/29/14 01:11 PM

Digger - They did stain the counters, but I've heard that there can be large differences between different sealers, so maybe they picked on that doesn't end up working as well.

A Cheap Fix: DIY Concrete-Finish Floors, Walls & Countertops
4/29/14 01:11 PM

Young House Love also recently did Ardex over their counter tops, and I thought they had some good tips, as well as a warning about how much dust the sanding really creates (which I feel like some other blogs have glossed over):


A Cheap Fix: DIY Concrete-Finish Floors, Walls & Countertops
4/29/14 11:37 AM

I don't really see how it's that different from using glasses at a restaurant... is there something horrible that coffee drinkers do to their mugs that I don't understand?

My only complaint would be that they say they're ceramic, which would be heavier and breakable.

Reusable Shared Coffee Cup Program Launches in Brooklyn Design News
4/28/14 05:51 PM

Khat, I think the wardrobes are just uber sleek and modern and open from the front (though you can't see any hardware). It wouldn't cause an issue to open with the nightstandard staying right where they are.

Design Dozen: 12 Clever Space-Saving Solutions for Small Bedrooms
4/18/14 03:10 PM

I'm not sure I agree with a lot of this.... as mentioned, the Friends apartment was rent controlled. The Fraiser apartment was almost certainly owned (they talked about renovations, etc) which would have been expensive but a bit different than rent. I'm sure a lot of the others would have been owned, not rented (Boy Meets World, Family Matters, Rosanne, Married With Children, The Simpsons, Step By Step, Full House). Full House had more than just Danny contributing to it (as also mentioned). I'm fairly certain that the mother on Family Matters was not the VP of the Sales Dept until waaaaay into the series (she started in security, then moved up in security I think). I know, I know, it's just silliness...

Could TV Characters Really Afford Their Rents? Design News
4/18/14 11:39 AM

Thanks for the links! We won't be downsizing any time soon and do have a fairly large house compared to most standards, but our daughter is getting older and we're considering adding a new baby to the mix so there will definitely be a lot of rearranging of our home to make it fit. Sometimes I feel like we don't have the space, even though we do. But it will mean less space for crafts/gust room/office and more room for a second baby/bigger kid toys for our current daughter.

Buy, DIY or Make It Fit: 20 Posts to Help You Move into a Small Space
4/14/14 03:28 PM

I like them! I can't imagine spending that much money (I'm cheap) but I think they look great. The funny thing is that I remember this original Good Question, but I can't believe it was two years ago, wow!

Before & After: The Fate of Sheryl's Vintage Chairs Good Questions Revisited
4/9/14 10:28 AM

Is it wrong to love matzoh if you're not Jewish? I always feel a little wrong eating it because it's definitely not part of my culture, but I love it. Especially with the apple chutney type stuff that they usually have for Passover (I'm not sure what the actual name is). I went to a seder in middle school (some of us went as part of our confirmation class at a Methodist church since we were learning a lot about the history of religion before Jesus) and I found the whole thing very interesting, plus kind of got a liking for matzoh. :)

Rye Matzoh and Beyond: 9 Varieties of Matzoh to Suit Every Taste
4/8/14 01:31 PM

Excellent for hauling wedding/baby shower gifts (both from the venue and then in our car back home to a different state). Excellent for moving. My cats LOVE to play in them. My 1 year old recently got a hold of one and was having fun crawling in and out (supervised, of course). Excellent for throwing yard waste into as I weed. I love those bags!

In Praise of IKEA's FRAKTA Bag
4/8/14 10:56 AM

I can't wait for the next season of Orange is the New Black! My husband and I have binge watched the first season twice, and both also read the book after seeing it the first time. The book is obviously (and thankfully! I'm glad that almost none of that drama actually happened to her!) very different from the show, it was still very interesting. I'm excited for June 6th!

Get Addicted: 10 Suspenseful Series to Start (Binge) Watching on Netflix This Weekend
3/28/14 01:50 PM

I used to use Swiffer dusters, but would try to "reserve" them for areas that couldn't be as easily cleaned with a cloth since I didn't want to use the expensive (to me) refills up too quickly. As a result, I never ended up dusting. Now I have a duster with replaceable microfiber heads that can be washed and reused over and over without additional costs - well worth the $12 or so that it cost!

I haven't used a Swiffer mop. I like my Rubbermaid Reveal mop (with wet and dry mop cloths) which is essentially a reusable version where the pads are washable and you can use your own cleaning solution. However, I've been curious about the "sweep n' vac" concept since it does seem really convenient...

Are Swiffers Really As Good As They Claim? Good Questions
3/27/14 11:27 AM

yaz831 - Looking at the tutorial photos as well as a picture of another Hemnes nightstand, I think the drawer in the before either wasn't pushed in or it's an optical illusion. The drawer normally sits back a bit from the legs, and there is a piece that frames the drawer on the bottom. Take a look at it on Ikea's website:


Before & After: IKEA Hemnes Nightstand Gets an Inventive Upgrade
3/21/14 12:02 PM