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the builder said that he treated the wood underneath the walkway with motor oil and diesel to make it waterproof - i just meant that letting oil and gas seep into the ground doesn't sound like a great thing...

Before & After: The $50 Redwood Walkway

12/18/10 06:32 PM

looks decent enough, but can't say i'm a fan of the motor oil/diesel treatment that's sitting directly on the ground...

Before & After: The $50 Redwood Walkway

12/17/10 11:55 AM

Hopefully PCM will become more readily available. It's a really cool concept. My wife and I are building a new passive solar home with a (Hunter-Douglas) window somewhat like the GlassX glazing, but using a clear gel mass within the window. The goal is to get as much mass as possible in places where mass is not traditionally placed.


On The Horizon: Building With Phase Change Materials
Green Architect

8/18/10 02:25 PM