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"The everyday women"? I don't even know if I want to know what that means. Sounds elitist enough...

Women and their Wardrobes
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3/16/11 11:25 AM

To be perfectly honest, I can't remember the last time I changed mine. I live alone, no pets, no "special activities" in the bed. And I still smell nice. Lots and lots of showers.

How Often Do You Change Your Sheets?
3/2/11 10:16 PM

I love everything. Well, almost everything. The only thing I don't like in this ENTIRE place is the garland above the bed. I don't know why, but it makes me unhappy. It's a bit distracting I guess. However, like, I said, this entire apartment is so charming and lovely that only one thing I don't like exists within it. So kudos! Also, LOVE THE KITCHEN and the Jurassic Park mug.

Meg & Brad's Student Sanctuary
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12/16/10 04:23 PM


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12/2/10 02:04 AM


Kat's Salvage Style
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11/17/10 04:11 PM

The video was great. I'm pretty sure that is a Calexico song, right? I'm not sure cause my only experience with them was seeing them live before Arcade Fire.

Five Million Readers Can't Be Wrong
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10/26/10 04:49 PM

Want want want.

Jellel's Warm Desert Oasis
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10/20/10 09:30 PM

I could live with it, but I don't think I would prefer it. Right now, I have some Pikachu, Zelda, and kawaii mushroom magnets holding up some of my colorful sketches. I think it allows a little more cute and geeky personality in my kitchen. I would not be nearly as happy looking at my fridge if Pikachu's grinning mug wasn't there.

The Endless Fridge Debate: To Clutter or Not To Clutter?
10/18/10 05:07 PM

I was just :D the whole time looking at this! I want to snuggle with the kitty pillow and meow at it. Right meow!

Andrew & Erica's "Bohemian Cupcake"
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10/12/10 04:56 PM

Berkeley pride! This place is enchanting! However, coming from someone who is a victim of Berkeley's sky high real estate, I wonder how much this gem of a home was worth? Probably more than I can ever afford, even after graduating from the UC here. I don't want to leave this town, but I imagine it will be out of my price range when I no longer am here out of necessity. :(

Andrew & Kathleen's Inspired Home
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9/22/10 03:09 PM

*a lightbulb

Icosahedron! Block 2 Lights by Henry Pilcher
8/17/10 10:05 PM

Frankly, she can write for Apartment Therapy because she has a passion for design in general. I feel this is evident in the way she writes. If she was writing for Lighting Universe, then I see your point. In my eyes, it was mainly meant to be a joke at how she cannot escape anything that uses at lightbulb.

Icosahedron! Block 2 Lights by Henry Pilcher
8/17/10 10:01 PM