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I am so sorry to hear about this. Terrible. If it would feel right to you, you might also invite friends or perhaps a Feng Shui practitioner to come and help you perform a ritual...something that would make you feel like the energy in your home has been cleaned and affirms that you are safe and secure in your home. All the best to you.

What To Do After A Break In?
Good Questions

3/1/11 06:29 PM

I painted two walls in my kitchen a pretty true olive green, as in a shade even deeper than the olives in my refrigerator. It looks great and the key is that the olive is next to my early 60's cabinets that are unpainted plywood with a nicely mellowed yellow-y polyurethane finish. The other element that makes it all work is the glossy black subway tile backsplash.

Olive Green Interiors
1/10/11 06:39 PM