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wow! what a beautiful piece. i could find at least four different places this would work perfectly for in my home.

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12/13/10 01:49 PM

check out logan square/humboldt park area. you'd be amazed at how affordable they are in compared to bucktown/wicker park (even though they are mere blocks away from each other). case in point, i moved from my tiny 2 bedroom wicker park apt to a 3 bedroom amazing greystone in humboldt park and pay $475 less in rent. anything you see listed as "west of western ave" means you're not going to pay wicker park prices. yes, hp can be a bit sketchy in areas, but very similar to echo park in that sense. love my neighborhood, love my neighbors. it's a great eclectic mix of hispanic/puerto rican/hipster/hippies. good luck in your search!

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4/29/10 06:28 PM

holy cow, seriously chicagosue? calm yourself.

i think the concept of the kattysak is pretty great. not worth my $39.99 per say, but i can appreciate the novelty of it. that said, they should really make one that looks like vintage theatre red velvet drapes for the ultimate grand entrance/exit.

KattySaks Make For Comical Cat Boxes | Apartment Therapy Boston
3/22/10 07:03 PM


Oh yes please!!! I've been in constant search of Off The Wall on vinyl forever. i actually skipped work last friday (uh, my boss doesn't read this, right?) to drive to gary and pay my final respects. this man shaped my childhood. i couldn't believe i was as upset about his death as i was...

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7/2/09 02:33 PM

cool. except i thought it was a stripper pole at first....

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10/22/08 12:40 PM

thanks so much for the input! I think you're right - just getting some made may the way to go.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Good Quotes: The Color Yellow
10/17/08 01:38 PM

love love love.

actually - any insight on where i can find some budget-friendly egg yolk yellow curtains for my grey dining room? I have searched high and low for weeks and I am at a loss. I even defaulted to jcpenneys and walmart out of sheer desperation...

you would think with the recent love for all things yellow, SOMEONE SOMEWHERE would think to make yellow curtains?!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Good Quotes: The Color Yellow
10/17/08 11:51 AM

love the colors....

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10/2/08 10:51 AM

sounds kind of cult-ish....

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9/23/08 10:00 AM

....or the paint color?

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9/10/08 02:10 PM


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8/11/08 01:24 PM

the thomas paul yellow dandelion pillow can be found on velocity's website.

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7/18/08 12:03 PM

words cannot describe.....

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7/14/08 08:21 AM

This is the final piece I need for my credenza. Beautiful.

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1/24/08 08:23 AM

So beautiful! Would look incredible on my coffee table!

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12/21/07 11:36 AM