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Most fascinating article, I will have to read it twice, thank you. There is a lot to say about comfort it is also comforting.


Easing into the Past: A Brief History of Being Comfortable
2/8/13 05:11 PM

I believe each one of us should have a wild chairy, I love Andrea's color combination and fabric, they are like Art.


Meet the Maker:
Andrea Mihalik of Wild Chairy

2/5/13 03:56 PM

A home is a home rental or no rental, I think you should make it yours as much as possible
if not when will you ever feel at home, make it yours, and when you wake up in the morning you have a feeling of belonging,

YOLO: The Renter's Edition
2/5/13 03:53 PM

This is an exciting list, I am so looking forward to all of the above, but I will definitely prioritize and start with no 5- 4-16 and see how it goes. Everytime I had great expectation, nothing really got accomplished. So wish me luck with these 3 chores.

All the best and thanks again for the Inspiration and constant stimulation.


Apartment Therapy's January Cure
2/2/13 02:52 PM

This Rl red chair is very Hollywood 1930 It's fun and funky I like it Ralph is breaking is own preppy rules and he is taking the world by surprise, why not. Go for it Ralph.

Not Your Mother's Ralph Lauren
Showroom Tour

12/10/12 04:01 PM

All these trees are so cute and adorable, how ingenious and inventive, nobody can say they are off the wall, they really are on the wall. I love it.


Creative Christmas Trees for Small Spaces
12/5/12 05:40 PM

I absolutely love this idea of small, cozy and bright, it is so luminous, this plan could also very well work out as a small cottage in the country. I find this is the greatest Swede idea since Ikea...


Small-Scale Student Housing: Sweden's 130-Square-Foot Cozy Cottage The Local
12/5/12 09:25 AM

I am absolutely enthralled by all the details in this home, I love the towers of books the black wall and the use of green as a conrtast, it is lived in and joyful, this is not a boring home, it has character and personality, bravo...

Nicole & Aaron's Paris-Inspired Loft House Tour
11/21/12 08:27 PM

I think that Julia Cordeira has great advice, don't use your sampler directly on the wall. I also found that when you look at your swatches you will notice that certain colors have a luminous reflection and other have a very flat look about them, don't go for the flat, it is a question of light and the flat color will absorb the light and the luminous color will reflect the light. each room has a different light, so it is important that you choose your color in the exact room that you want to transform. Light really creates color.

Choosing Wisely: Tips for Getting the Perfect Paint Color Every Time
11/11/12 08:25 AM

What an interesting idea and so much fun to do, a lot more than installing wallpaper, thanks for this post, I will find out more about this and recommend it to my young artistic clients.


DIY Idea: Paint Roller Printed Walls The Painted House
11/6/12 06:22 PM

I absolutely love the idea of the entire chalkboard wall, it is indeed very ingenious, I wish I would have enough space in my office to have a sectional sofa, it is such luxury.

Thanks for letting us in your writing sanctuary, it was inspiring. I would say you are the perfect Bobo, Bourgeois-Bohemian...


Amy's One Smart Pop Tart Writing Space Workspace Tour
11/6/12 06:06 PM

Love this Bjursta dining table from Ikea, I have recommended it to a few of my young clients, not only it is a great extendable table but it is also very durable for its simple style and its quality...It also looks good with traditional chairs. Go for it...

Dinner Party Perfect: Rectangular Dining Tables to Seat 8-10 Guests
11/1/12 05:24 PM

I love to give furniture a new life and paint is really ideal, thanks for great instructions, they are indeed very valuable and I believe they can also apply to kitchen cabinets if you want DIY. Have a good Sunday.


How To Paint a Wooden Dresser Apartment Therapy Tutorials
10/28/12 09:14 AM

Hi, there is something very personnal about this home, it is given a lot of tender loving care, and we can feel it, thanks for a lovely visit, and all the best to you in your lovely warm home.

Debbie & Devin's Modern Slow Living House Tour
10/24/12 02:13 PM

I really enjoy this Joanthan Adler look, very colorful and joyous, the bookshelves are so decorative, I could seat there all day on a lazy Sunday.


Suzanne Vega's Living Room Redo Home By Novogratz
10/10/12 01:57 PM

Love the corridor wall with multiple photos, well done.

Francis & Jane Adapt a Loft to a
Growing Family House Tour

9/27/12 06:44 PM

Love your home, we can discover you in each room as great people with multiple interest and true love of life, however, your bedroom is totally monastic, it is restful, but I believe it needs a little something to personalize it...

Thanks for a great tour,

Grant & Mark Transform a Neglected House House Tour
9/22/12 12:50 PM

I personally like the Ikea Pax, I recommend them to my clients who are in need of more storage space in their bedroom, the Pax looks great if you do an entire wall with them and you can add a molding. When I use the tallest one 92'' I get the molding installed to the ceiling so that they look more like build in.

Crowded Closet Relief: 8 Modern Wardrobes & Armoires
9/6/12 07:09 PM

If you have a small bathroom, you might as well make it funky, I love the frilly shower curtain and the enormous sink in a tiny vanity, somehow it works, Bravo...

Merisa's Playful Modern Apartment House Tour
8/27/12 04:21 PM

Small simple and very cute, love the stripe duvet cover and all that is white in the living room.

Jennifer's Modern Mini Live/Work Space House Tour
8/26/12 11:44 PM