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Again, Thank you ALL for your amazing comments and emails. My studio really is a true 'labor of love' for me so I appreciate all of this awesome recognition.

To answer just a few questions:
OCJen: Yes the bookcase is an IKEA Expedit altered with doors and baskets to store/conceal the more un-organizable materials I use in my encaustic paintings. (such as vintage lace, trims, crochets, antique photographs and letters, etc)
The brown flat file unit is a piece I picked up years ago unfinished which I hand painted. Yes, I use it for some office items but its mostly for housing additional art supplies. (I can never get enough storage!)

Sarah: The green circle pillows are a rare Homegoods score. One of those "do a little dance in the isle while no one is looking" find. ;-)

Meaghan: My studio doubles as a gallery when I open it to the public for shows. I move most of the furniture out to allow for a crowd (another advantage of furniture on wheels!)

And because I've received so many email inquiries regarding all of the fun little DIY projects in the space (like the curtains, bed/bedding, etc) I'm starting another blog soon which will detail the process of these projects and more. I'll be linking it to my existing blog:
if you're interested in checking it out.

Again, thanks to AT, Tanya LaCourse and all of the folks who have commented on my space so far and supported my work!! :)

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8/30/10 07:22 PM

I'm so humbled by all of your comments and very appreciative of all the wonderful feedback I've received so far, especially from those folks who have taken the time to email me personally, support my work and pass my name onto others.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

to '9swans': Tables, desks, chairs...and even the bed I made are on wheels! It is essential to this being a functional work space for me. Since I work on multiple paintings on multiple surfaces at the same time, I can continually move around freely and easily. It's the best! I would put everything on wheels if I could!

Robin's Gorgeously Green Artist Barn
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8/19/10 02:52 PM

(which is updated more frequently)

I've had a ton of inquiries on which pieces from the photos are for sale. They are all for sale! My website is more of an online portfolio of my work and most of the pieces have been sold but I absolutely have many additional pieces available right now and I'm always working on new ones.
I'll be updating my blog soon with what is available and where you can purchase my work if you are interested.
In the meantime, you can also check out
the wonderful gallery that hosted my last solo exhibition where many of my pieces are available to view and purchase online.

...and I agree completely with MisaL! Tanya's photographs of my space are stunning.

Robin's Gorgeously Green Artist Barn
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8/18/10 07:49 PM

Thank you so much for all of your kind words about my studio and especially my artwork. I'm extremely flattered that so many of you love my space as much as I do. I'm grateful to work, live (and play!) in it everyday. What I've put into it, physically and emotionally (and also esthetically!) is a constant inspiration to me everyday. All of your compliments are VERY much appreciated!

In response to a few posts...
Kitchen and bathroom: There is no bathroom or plumbing. I do have an outhouse and a small kitchen area with the 'essentials' (small fridge, coffee maker, bar etc.) I'll take some photos and include them on my blog soon since Ive gotten so many inquiries!

Heat and cost: The space heats up rapidly with the Vermont Casting wood burning stove and stays very warm. Sometimes TOO warm! I also work with my paint molten (kept on burners at 250 degrees) That combined with my use of propane torches and heat guns keeps it pretty toasty in here! I also have a great ventilation system and fans that keep it cool in the summer.

Working with encaustic: I've been working with this medium for over 7 years now and I'm absolutely in love. There is nothing quite like it. The textural, ethereal and luminous qualities you can achieve with wax are unparalleled. I wouldn't say its "easy" (its very labor intensive, especially large scale!) but it is a lot of fun!

Why I would build a structure 25 feet from my home?: The #1 reason was proper ventilation due to the toxicity of the mediums I work with and the necessary space needed to work on a much larger scale. I spend most of my days/nights in my studio so YES, I would absolutely consider it my 'living space'!

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8/18/10 12:59 PM

Thank you! I love working in a space that I had such a huge part in creating myself. Its truly a wonderful feeling and I'm very grateful I was given the opportunity.

The 'wall of little works' is a group of my 6" x 6" encaustic paintings from a series "Above and Beyond" which I've been working on for the past 3 years. I've created over 300 of them so far! They look really fantastic grouped in large grids (I've shone up to 40 together) but they sell individually. People really like them in groups of 3 and 9 as well!

I definitely have info on my blog about the fireplace and baluster construction. (you may just need to scroll back a bit) The wood stove surround was actually one of the toughest jobs since the temp was only 20 degrees here at the time. I had to tent off the area and use multiple space heaters to prevent my fingers and materials from freezing! But it was all well worth it. That little Vermont Casting stove does a great job! It provided me with the one thing I needed to work in here right away during a New England winter...lots of HEAT!

The balusters are actually EMT piping which I absolutely love!! One of my favorite and final steps in the building process and SO much fun!

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8/17/10 09:18 PM

Thank you so much for all your lovely compliments!
I get by pretty well without any running water. My medium is Encaustic Paint (molten beeswax) so as long as I have electrical and ventilation, I can paint! Plus my house is only a short dash and I've built a cute little outhouse that is attached to the building as well.
Unfortunately it wasn't my choice not to have running water. My town wouldn't allow since it would need to be tied into the septic tank but it wound up saving me a lot of money in the end!

My paint color is Ben Moore-Decorators White.

And the curtains were a fun little DIY project I came up with since I incorporate vintage crochet and lace into my paintings as well. There is some stitching on the heavier doilys but mostly they are attached with a strong fabric glue.

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8/17/10 01:57 PM

Thank you! It is absolutely my 'home away from home'! (25 feet from home to be exact)
It's been such a labor of love and is now my constant oasis.
I recorded the whole building process on my blog if you'd like to check out more...

Robin's Gorgeously Green Artist Barn
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8/17/10 12:41 PM