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I hang my scarves on the towel rack in my bathroom, where I do my makeup and put on accessories. (of course, this leaves me nowhere for towels...)

A $5 Solution for Scarves
4/30/12 10:54 AM

This makes me SO glad I'm single! ^_^ I have a love/hate relationship with IKEA. On one hand, it's shopping, and there's a bunch of cool stuff! On the other hand, it involves some of my least favorite things: Crowds, noise, and people in my personal space. It's fun when I have time to browse and a few vague ideas of what I want. If I'm on a strict schedule, if it's a weekend, or if I'm feeling overly sensitive, I stay away.

IKEA Meltdowns: Do They Happen To You?
4/17/12 05:01 PM

My first thought when seeing this was, "Now where in Boulder County is this?" LOL! It's very cool. I'd love to see it up close, or better yet, go inside.

A Solar-Powered Shipping Container House in Colorado
4/17/12 09:31 AM

Favorite! I love the wall color, the happy vibe...and that balcony!! Way to work with what nature and circumstance have given you.

Tabitha's Rare View Small Cool Contest
4/15/12 11:32 AM

@CCATX, yes!! I've worked as an EMT, and have come to love big, legible house numbers. I'd love to have something huge and illuminated. I joke about using chaser lights, and secretly want to do attention to my address!!

Unfortunately, now I'm in a townhome, and am stuck with the standard-issue house numbers. Luckily, they're a decent size and they're and high-contrast. Could be worse.

DIY Ideas: Creative House Numbers
4/15/12 09:25 AM

favorite! I love how open and cool and bright the place is! It works really well with the home. But I must ask...what's with the molecules on the chalkboard wall?

Kim & Scott's Small Footprint Small Cool Contest
4/11/12 06:00 PM

Wow!! I'd love one!

Splashy Style: Dark-Bottom Pools
4/10/12 07:19 PM

I just moved out of my smallest place: 560 sq. ft for myself, my preschooler, two cats, and a dog. NOT IDEAL. For me, it would have been perfect...but adding a small child and the animals was overwhelming.

How Small is the Smallest Space You've Ever Called Home? Reader Survey
4/10/12 01:16 PM

Favorite! What a fun little space. I love the balance between mellow and silly. There's so much personality here!

Amy & J.T.'s Favorite Things Small Cool Contest
4/9/12 02:52 PM

I just moved a week ago. I don't know where to shop. 9_9 (first world problem, I know) I do know that the Albertson's closest to the house is no good. The Super Target about three miles away is a Super Target (so, it works, and it's not expensive), but I'd really like to find a good King Soopers, Sunflower, or Sprouts nearby.

The Best and Worst Supermarkets Consumer Reports
4/8/12 06:02 PM

I'll try the bacon thing (OM NOM NOM!) if you try frozen berries. Microwave about 1/4 cup frozen berries for about 30 seconds, cook oatmeal as normal right on top of the berries, and enjoy. 3 minutes until breakfast!

Make Deluxe Oatmeal: 10 Awesome Mix-Ins
4/8/12 05:55 PM

I love that bed! It's amazing, and such a good accent to the room!

Tanaporn's Sunny Studio Small Cool Contest
4/8/12 09:13 AM

What a warm, deep, manly vibe! I like it!

William's Created Illusion Small Cool Contest
4/8/12 09:10 AM

Ooooh, I like the corner cabinet in the bathroom!

Derona's Character-Filled Flat Small Cool Contest
4/8/12 09:06 AM

I love it!! Where did you get that quilt? I must admit, I'm drooling over it.

Audrey's Peace & Nature Small Cool Contest
4/8/12 09:05 AM

Favorite! It looks *magical!*

Michelle's Rabbit Hole Small Cool Contest
4/8/12 09:00 AM

I love your little office nook! The whole place is beautiful, and George looks like such a happy dog. I like the idea of a "wall of stuff," I might have to use that in my small home.

Kate's High-Functioning Space Small Cool Contest
4/8/12 08:57 AM

I like the way the room is divided without using physical dividers. And as a former West Hollywood resident, I am SUPER jealous that you got a parking space!

Ricardo's Little Details Small Cool Contest
4/8/12 08:49 AM

Very cute! I love how open it is.

Julie's Rare Gem Small Cool Contest
4/8/12 08:45 AM

I love the couch! The curtains in the office area are super cute, too.

Dane & Leah's Craigslist Kingdom Small Cool Contest
4/4/12 02:22 PM