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A Magic Eraser does wonders on my Mac aluminum keyboard. I shake it off pretty vigorously and let it dry for a couple of days before using it again (I plug it into my MB Pro when it's docked to my 20" monitor).

10 Places You Absolutely Need to Clean
A Tech Spring Cleaning Checklist

3/20/11 12:41 AM

I use the iMic with my MB Pro and Garageband, but it sounds pretty terrible. That's due to the crappy pickups in my guitar, though (soon to be rectified... EMG, here I come!).

Connect Your Guitar To Your iDevice With A Simple Jack
3/20/11 12:36 AM

I use Carbon Copy Cloner and clone my MB Pro to a spare 250 gb drive in a USB enclosure. It's bootable in case my 500 gb drive dies. I also make sure that anything that I download and want to keep is stored on both of my external drives as redundant backups. That way, only the basic operating system and support files, and other daily-use files (such as documents) are stored on my 250 gb backup drive, and large files are stored separately.

Mac Hard Drive Cloning the Easy Way...
3/20/11 12:35 AM

I sometimes wonder if sites post somewhat off-topic Apple stories to bait those who are, shall we say, less than enthusiastic of and ticked off about the success of Apple. After all, catching this very vocal minority is like shooting fish in a barrel :)

If You Purchased Apple Stock Instead of Apple Products
3/12/11 01:39 PM

No one antivirus program is fool-proof, and much malware has been written that disables and damages the better-known programs as its first order of business. For cleaning up these messes, I find Hitman Pro to be the best. It'll even clean up those nasty rootkit infections that others have trouble cleaning.

Free Antivirus... That Doesn't Suck
3/8/11 08:16 AM

Once again, this story shows how Steve and Apple gets it, and how they base the design of their products on what they would want. They always seem to have a bead on customer desires most of the time, even if they're wrong some of the time (read: the G4 Cube).

And once again, product- and marketing-based low self-esteem rears its ugly head, judging by some of the posts here...

Steve Jobs On Choosing a Washer & Dryer
3/8/11 08:12 AM

And it would cost TWO DOLLARS!

Final Frame: Not Quite the Same
3/2/11 02:56 PM

I have a Mac, but use Windows, linux, and OS X. In fact, three different flavors of Windows...

10 Benefits of Having Both a Mac & PC
2/11/11 04:39 PM

Pay phones. How quaint.

Heh. I remember not too long ago (five years, maybe?), those things were everywhere. Now all you see are empty wooden boxes in restaurant lobbies where they used to be mounted, and empty stands and mounts in gas station parking lots. I needed to make an emergency call a couple of years ago and my cell phone was dead, and I couldn't find a single pay phone anywhere. I ended up buying a car charger instead.

It's amazing to me how quickly things change, and technology becomes obsolete...

Eight Accessories That Reference, Re-Interpret Retro Tech
1/20/11 09:38 PM

@Cricket311: "I especially hate being thrown into that crowd, being one of the few people who have actually been using a Mac long before it all of a sudden became the 'bees knees'"

Ahhh... just ignore it. I just let them point and laugh and make snide little comments. It's not like I'm getting any money from what others think of me, so I don't see the point of getting bothered by what a bunch of nothings that I don't know think of me...

Why I Switched to OS X
1/18/11 08:00 PM

@VJ- "What I find amazing is how some people find any apple discussion so offensive."

Although it can go both ways, I think it's a self-esteem issue based on Apple's marketing, and how people identify themselves based on the stuff that they own. Pretty typical and sad, really...

Why I Switched to OS X
1/13/11 04:33 AM

The picture looks exactly like the procedure that I had to undertake to transfer my files from my old 12" Powerbook to my at-the-time new 13" Macbook Pro a year ago, except that I used a Firewire 9pin to 6pin (I think) cable in Target Disk Mode..

How To Direct Connect For Faster File Transfers
1/13/11 04:29 AM

Sort of offtopic, but (referencing the first picture) I could never get rEFIt to work. All I get is a blank white screen. Therefore, I have a Windows 7 partition that I cannot boot (out of three partitions, XP and OS X being the others).

Resetting Your OS X User Account Password
1/10/11 04:37 PM

There's always TenFourFox, an optimized version of Firefox 4 for G3 and G4 machines (since Mozilla is canning PowerPC support).

Hell, I still use my 500 Mhz Pismo Powerbook G3 running OS 9.2.2 for most daily tasks, even web surfing (via Classilla), since my MB Pro is usually busy crunching something (video, audio) at home...

Tips Learned From Living With An Older Mac
12/12/10 08:26 AM

@leeuhnotlayuh: HPs and some Dells have internal fans and heat sinks that have a tendency to clog up with dust and overheat. The main symptom is the system immediately shuts down or freezes. The solution is to take off the keyboard and drill down to the system and CPU fans, and make sure that they aren't clogged up. If they are, remove them and spray out the dust with a can of air. If you remove the fan over the CPU to clean it, it's always a good idea to put new thermal paste on the CPU before reinstalling the fan. This will also help keep the system cool.

Three Easy Solutions to Prevent Laptop Overheating
12/12/10 08:15 AM

A bit offtopic, but what is it about Apple that brings out the ire of some people? They happen to be nice looking machines that many people find useful; especially designers, graphic artists, and musicians.

It must be a marketing-driven self-esteem issue, methinks...

Creative Home Offices
Inspiration Gallery

11/3/10 08:34 AM

... then I saw his age, which I missed the first time around. I guess these pieces could be vintage to him...

Apple Addict: Ryan's Vintage Mac Home Office
10/8/10 03:15 PM

Good point rhammons. While the G4 can be somewhat considered "vintage", until I see a 512k Fat Mac, A Plus, an SE, or a Powerbook 100, I can't personally see much value here. G3s-G5s are ultra-cheap these days; especially CRT models. People give them away on Craigslist.

Apple Addict: Ryan's Vintage Mac Home Office
10/8/10 03:14 PM

Almost 50 billion in the bank.

Stock at almost $300 a share.

That pretty much says it all...

5 Things We Love and Also Hate About Apple
10/8/10 03:10 PM

I have an old Pismo Powerbook that I carry around, but have a 13" Macbook Pro that stays home most of the time, connected to an HP v2007 LCD monitor. After using the Mighty Mouse for six months and dealing with the headache of trying to keep the scroll ball clean, I tossed it and got a $10 Logitech mouse that has worked great for over two years. I do love the Apple aluminum keyboards and have gotten very attached to the feel and feedback of the "chicklet" style keys. As far as backups, I use Time Machine with a 1tb Seagate external drive, and have a 500 gb model for holding files.

While I love Apple's computers and especially Mac OS X, there are decent alternatives to some of their accessories, and not being a complete slave to style, have no problem using these accessories. I just don't take the zealot route and use their pricing as an excuse to slam them. It seems many writers these days have to throw in their little jabs at Apple due to the supposed "smugness" of the brand; a trait that smacks of low self-esteem due to marketing. It's just a tool, and no one is giving you money due to their perception of the tools you use, so what's the point?

5 Apple Products & Their Cheaper Alternatives
8/17/10 08:56 AM