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Michael, my most sincere apologies for mislabeling your beautiful home and giving credit to Stefan- who also has a stylish studio that is, however, markedly different from yours!

Small Space Solutions: Hosting a Dinner Party in a Studio
11/2/11 03:29 PM

The title of the post is "classic celebrity mugshots make great art." Some of the mugshot are silly, some are sad, while others (like Stalin and Oswald) are meant to reflect a tragic time in history. The point of the post isn't to make lighthearted fun of celebrities. The point is to inspire others to see these photographs as genuine art that would force people to reflect upon the diverse nature of criminal behavior and the type of people who commit these crimes. To leave out the worst offenders would undermine the artistic purpose of the collection of photographs.

Classic Celebrity Mugshots Make Great Art
2/24/11 12:20 AM

Just saw the paint question. The color in the bedroom is Benjamin Moore, heavenly blue (709). It took me weeks to find this color blue, and I still love it a year later.

Fred & Susan's Slowly Developing Style
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12/2/10 01:05 PM

Thanks for the comments! I always appreciate them. Pi, a couple of people have previously commented on the sofa being against the wall so I thought I'd address your comment. It's there by necessity. The pictures don't do a good job showing the dimensions of the room. The TV is mounted on the wall facing the sofa and the kitchen entrance is only a few feet away from the side of the sofa- so there isn't enough room to push it away from the wall unless we wanted to climb over it to get to the food. Although it's not a bad idea as a diet aid. Just block the kitchen entrance to stop the snacking:) As I say in the post, it's not ideal but it works. One day we're going to remount the TV on another wall so we don't have to put the sofa in the middle of the room. Also, I don't have a pic that shows the yellow painting. But, it's really just a boring piece of canvas. There is not much else to see. Also, I think a DIY headboard is a great idea. I think I'll find a How To article on apartment therapy! One more thing, the towels do look like blue vomit. I'm taking them down now:)

Fred & Susan's Slowly Developing Style
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12/2/10 12:57 PM

Charlotte, anytime the appraiser stands to profit from the amount they appraise, the accuracy of the appraisal is compromised. On the other hand, appraisals are not a science and they will differ. If your items are probably not worth more than $10,000 and your local auction house has a good reputation, it probably won't make that much difference. That's my opinion:)

All You Need To Know About Appraisals
9/18/10 12:48 PM

I have set of these and always get compliments. They are super fun.

Pantone Mugs Bring Home a Blast of Color
8/18/10 03:40 PM

Yes, the couch is fabulous! I like the way everything blends together but doesn't match perfectly, that's very hard to achieve. Looks like you did a lot with a little. Very old school AT. I love the touches of yellow in the different rooms (I did my place the same way!). And, you can't go wrong with dwell studio sheets. They always make a bedroom look chic. The blog is well written and the photos are excellent. I'm glad Thorndale seems to like it too. She was pretty mean to the other guest poster.

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8/17/10 01:07 AM