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If you have room in your sink, fill it with hot, soapy water and ptu dirty dishes in there as you work. If you need that measuring spoon again, it's easy to rinse off.

Especially in the summer, I put chicken bones or anything that will smell bad fast into a plastic bag and then freeze it. Keeps it out of my kitchen can, and keeps the outside cans from attracting critters. On trash night, I take it outside. It's hauled away before it can get really ripe.

Clean As You Go and Other Smart, Simple Kitchen Cleaning Tips Apartment Therapy's Home Remedies
3/3/14 04:41 PM

Had to come back to this to post a link to a beautiful kitchen with cabinets and hardware like yours.

Even if you don't want to go for the full retro vibe, the soft blue is beautiful with the cabinets. Lose the red paint and the window shade.

Ways To Update Original '50s Kitchen in Rental (on My Dime)? Good Questions
3/4/13 11:27 PM

Hang-drying in the South can be tricky. Humidity makes the clothes dry slowly and go sour, pollen will coat your clean clothes outdoors in the spring. I have a hanging rod in the laundry room and keep a table fan on the washing machine. I hang up the clothes and turn on the fan to keep the air moving. Clothes dry quickly and it uses less energy than the dryer.

The Best Time Saving Laundry Gadgets You're Not Using
2/16/13 11:48 AM

So - the day has finally come when my childhood dresser is called "vintage". Paint it yellow and send it back in time to go with my yellow shag rug with blue, pink and white flecks and the ballerina wallpaper.

Color for Painted Faux Bamboo Dresser Makeover?
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9/11/10 12:17 AM

It's not the brown (like it!), it's the green. Paint the green walls the same color as the dining room, leave the doors alone (they look good) and bring some of the awesome purple into the living room.

Is the Brown Accent Wall Too Dark?
Good Questions

8/16/10 10:50 PM

The pink isn't terrible. Check out the post on the pink and brown bedrooms in the Hotel George. Paint the upper wall a nice, warm brown. Put some rugs down the middle, get better blinds and some pictures. It will look fine.

Help! Ugly Rental Kitchen Needs a Budget Makeover
8/16/10 10:39 PM