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i sometimes drag my shop-vac up from the basement & vacuum the hell out of the rugs, flip 'em over & do the bottoms too. i keep at it till i'm good & bored with the project. Judging by what i find in the vac's canister it works pretty well.
Then my dog usually comes over, rolls around on her back on the cleanest spots & i'm back to square one. Oh well, i like my dog more than i care about my rugs anyway.

How To Clean My Area Rug Inside My Small Apartment?
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10/18/10 10:40 PM

Wallpaper Pattern Shown on Gossip Girl?
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10/12/10 12:13 AM

Yes, a sculpture by Paul Villinski. (i know that cause i designed his website, heehee)

Wallpaper Pattern Shown on Gossip Girl?
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10/11/10 01:24 PM

Sandblasting, or sand the hell out of it by hand, then subtly as possible paint over what's left of the blue with a custom brick colored paint.
Your not trying to get the paint off, but out.

How Would You Cover This Painting Mishap?
10/1/10 10:01 PM

I haunt Salvation Army/thrift stores high & low hoping someone does just what you did, right before I walk in the door, but I feel ya, moving albums is one big pain in the back, worse than books even.

Regrets, I've Had a Few: Getting Rid of a Collection
9/3/10 04:11 PM

Man, i would definitely put a short axle with a pin on the wall so that the wheel can spin. Look for some kinda metal base that holds a pole (free standing flag-pole? that fits inside the center of the wheel), four -at least- masonry screws into the proper anchors should hold with no problem, you'll have to avoid the mortar & spread the holes among more than one brick. Go look around with creative eyes & a open mind (plumbing department ?) at a good hardware store.

How To Hang a Heavy Antique Wheel on Brick Wall?
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9/2/10 03:11 PM

I wonder what it would look like upside down, with maybe globes instead of candles

Ideas for a Chandelier Makeover?
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8/16/10 09:28 PM