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I like the idea of a mirror or a clock. I had the same problem and chose to hang a colorful scarf behind the TV. Any kind of scarf, tapestry, or other fabric might be a fun choice for a pop of color or maybe a simple black and white stripe? The nice thing about choosing fabric is that there are many options.

What Should I Hang Above the TV?
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12/8/10 01:01 PM

I moved into a 369 sf studio a couple months ago. For the most part, I'm loving it. I previously lived in 702 sf and it was more space than I needed. I don't think I ever want to clean more than 400 sf ever again!

How Much Square Footage Do You Require?
8/26/10 05:17 PM

Uptown, New Orleans: $810 studio (369 sq. ft.)


Bloomington, IN: ~$620 1 br (~700 sq. ft.)

Originally from the Chicago area, I lived in Lakeview in a small bedroom (and I mean small) in a 4 br apt. for $225

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8/16/10 02:51 PM