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In rural NH sometimes there are random "FREE" signs with a crazy yard sale's worth of crap or treasures... It depends on the day and the people who are purging. And often, these FREE sign type events get attention like a sale at Banana Republic. A 75% off sale.

BTW... Here is what I recently got (so frickin' awesome): a sewing machine *that works*; a sander *that works*; solid craft baskets (like twenty of them and I am using them as seedling planters); several really recent books (like The Help, and so what if this is a cheesy NYT best seller, right?); several actual planters; and finally, a stool very much like the one in from an above link on dumpster diving (I will never paint it though, too lazy).

Street Finds: Where Do You Draw the Line?
8/6/11 04:25 AM

I wonder where those jeans are now? I want them, kinda. :)

Street Finds: Where Do You Draw the Line?
8/6/11 04:12 AM

And really, when was the last time you heard a four year old whispering poop for shock value? What planet are you people from? Take the stick out of, well, I won't say, cuz clearly you cannot handle it.

Kristin's Hollywood Home in the Historical Il Borghese
House Tour

6/8/11 07:00 PM

I am astounded that people were that offended by the eff it letters. Really? Are you all that conserative, repressed, and , well, lame?

Kristin's Hollywood Home in the Historical Il Borghese
House Tour

6/8/11 06:59 PM

This is my favorite room, I think. I thought the pictures on the immediate wall that the viewer sees were hung a bit too low or something, or maybe you needed another picture there to balance out the great, big picture that leans on the bookcase. I am not sure if you rent, but I would get rid of the dark wood trim around the closet. TO me it felt a bit 70s-ish ina bad way. THis was the only stuff that I saw as flawed. I ADORE that bed and feel like I ned that dollhouse for myself. Great room; unlike many of the other entries, it looks authentic. I get the sense that your daughter really does sleep, play, and live in this room.

A Little Room for a Little Daisy
Smaller Cooler 2011 Entry #57

5/23/11 02:16 PM

I adore this room, particularly the shelving. The shelving is PERFECT, as are the mid century touches. I will say this, and what I have to say most definitely outweighs my praises: that crib, however cool and pragmatic in terms of space, is a nightmare. I literally would not sleep soundly with that thing in my kid's room. I think you've got maybe three or four safe months with it, if that. Really, I would not scarifice safety, and I really do not think I am being all that neurotic here, for space or style, EVER.

Harper's Tiny Striped Library
Smaller Cooler 2011 Entry #5

5/23/11 02:10 PM

@ Emily of Beetle Shack:

First I adore your blog and envy your closet with great intensity. And, I read the wallpaper post. Really, yeah that stinks, but a boy ripping off wallppaperm in truth, is an adorably funny thing, don'tcha think?


Oh! And also, I love this above posted room, too. I love how the rocker would not be ok, but it is awesome, as it ispainted black.

Elouan’s Heirloom Chic Nursery
Nursery Tour

5/16/11 12:14 PM

I hate to add to the criticisms; however, I feel like this is a sad solution, too. My son could have grabbed the baskets as well. And also, what if something went wrong with the washer? Not to sound like a complete hysteric, but that could topple onto him (her?) I did think it was organized and it looked nice. My suggestion, not that I was asked, is to put the crib in the family room and section it off with a bookshelf, like an expedit. Or, just have your kid sleep with you and make this STORAGE. This just made me a little ill. I do feel for you, I know life is expensive, I really do. Fleeting last thought: refigure where the W and D goes? I am sorry to sound so rude, as I am sure this person IS going to read our comments. And, yeah, I do not think this is a recipe for social services, but I do not think it is the greatest situation. At. All.

Boston's Laundry Lair
Smaller Cooler 2011 Entry #25

5/16/11 12:07 PM

First, I think that the above comment about "whining" hinges on the obnoxious. Personally, I was first drawn to this post, as the woman, let's face it, is completely gorgeous. I like the sort of "crack house chic" nature of the photograph. This said, and in thinking further, I am creeped out by this post. I think it could be used as a classic, "The media treats women as objects, not people," in a Women's Studies class for 18-year-olds at a local U. I love Apartment Therapy to the point of addiction level. However, this post, and I saw it first on a blog that discussed its icky nature, is not OK with me. In the future, I would appreciate it greatly if you could kindly refrain from objectifying women, making them look like part of the decor or furniture in the future. Much thanks.

How Low Can You Go?
8/15/10 02:37 PM