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@Corinne - Contact your state's division of environmental protection. Your have a reportable situation on your hands, one which will require remediation. In the short-term, since you found it, you will be the responsible party to pay for the clean-up. I would look into your homeowners policy to see if they can help. After that, get an attorney and go after the previous owner. This absolutely should have been a disclosure item and you should NEVER buy a property that has not been properly remediated.

The state will likely suggest that you get a professional company to come out and do this work for you. Find a reputable environmental remediation company. They will assess the damage through sampling or test wells and give you an idea on how much oil is below the house and how large your plume is. They will likely either excavate the soil out from under the basement, or they will install a water treatment system.

In the meantime, you need to ventilate the basement. Long-term exposures to even low levels of fuel oil can cause respiratory issues. Oils evaporate so slowly, that unless treated, it will be present for decades.

@Kaete is correct, left alone it will have an impact on groundwater. Groundwater moves through all parts of soil and that movement will drag oil out from under your basement and spread it. Once it starts showing up on your neighbor's property, you could become the entirely liable party for that issue.

@Kaete - Fuel oil vapors would not normally present a fire hazard. Fuel oil is usually a combustible liquid, meaning that it's flash point is above 100F. Likelyhood of a fire from vapors is distantly remote at best.

How To Get the Oil Smell Out Of Our Basement?
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