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It looks like I have the same front door with window. (Mine seems to be some sort of foam core metal door, with plastic window frames.)

I unscrewed the interior window frame (thick, 2" screws) and pulled off the frame in order to paint. The frame stuck a little bit, but wasn't glued on from the interior. As others have guessed, it's a single piece of glass underneath. So whatever you choose to do, it'll be easier with a single piece of glass.

Incidentally, the exterior part of the same frame was indeed glued onto the window, so that would be more difficult to pull off. When painting the exterior part of the door, I spent a long time putting tiny pieces of painter's tape around the curves of the window. Such a pain! Glad I figured out that was unnecessary for the interior part of the door.

Good luck.

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9/28/12 10:01 AM

I disagree that American kids are helpless compared to kids abroad, at least if you compare them to kids at the same income/socio-economic level. In Latin America, for example, any middle class (and many lower middle class) family has someone helping them around the house. I don't know an upper class Latin American who could be bothered to do the dishes or wash their own laundry - the "muchacha" always does that. So, sure, in many countries there are many 12 year olds who work in markets, babysit their siblings full time, and do all the housework - but they aren't comparable to a typical middle class American kid.

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3/19/12 06:32 PM

For one year I lived in a first-floor apartment next to a dumpster. The smell wasn't bad - what was bad was the unnerving presence of homeless men at all hours going through the dumpster. I could usually hear them coming because they rolled up with grocery shopping carts. There were constantly men - many likely mentally ill - outside my window. It made me uncomfortable.

And a stack of furniture and mattresses next to the dumpster caught fire (or was it arson?), leading to a terrifying night as my windows imploded and blinds melted.

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8/14/10 01:43 PM