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this is the best party a girl could have ever dreamed of.

Instant Party: Kraft Paper, Paper Plates, Stickers, Go!
4/13/11 03:19 AM

I do believe the kit you (tessmarie) created is much your "toiletries" for the kitchen. You (tessmarie) considered what you might use while away from home... the brands, the flavors that you know and like. Perhaps as a comfort or to share the things that you know and like and use on a daily basis. These teeny 3 oz re-usable (and sadly leaky) containers are in no way invasive. They are a choice. And a thoughtful one especially with traveling restrictions. She (tessmarie) is merely presenting suggestions. She is not telling you to go out and get 9 and fill them with the listed. But you know, perhaps you should go out and get some right now and fill them with stuff that make you feel good so that you can soon feel better about things such as these.

Cooking on the Go: Travel-Size Staples
10/27/10 02:28 AM

6-in-1 floral hammer...
I happen to have two which is one too many.
I will happily contribute it to your beautiful tool box, should you feel it fits in.

Building a Beautiful Toolbox
10/5/10 12:39 AM