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hehe really hate the first one. There's not enough desk real estate, those chairs look uncomfortable, and the shelves are already full. Meaning if you buy any more stuff, it gets stacked on top or put elsewhere, splitting your dvd collection and becoming less efficient.

Sorry, not my cup of tea!

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8/13/10 08:42 AM

Yup I agree with the legs guy. I think the chair is probably the most important feature. Before I sorted my chair I was getting really bad RSI, but ditching the arms sorted the problem.

I also use an Ikea desk, like astraldream above - I use the Ikea Galant because I like the large area, and the adjustable legs.

If you wanna see my office set up, check out the article on my office on my website, which also has photos, including my awesome desk and (less) awesome chair.

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8/13/10 08:30 AM