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my favorite trick for decorating the tree is to string the lights vertically, up and down the tree, instead of around. I find I tangle the lights less this way and, since our tree is usually in the corner, I don't have to put as many lights were nobody will see them.

Tree-Trimming Secrets
Martha Stewart

11/25/11 04:44 PM

I vastly prefer leuchtturm notebooks to moleskines. They're very, very similar, but they get a lot of small things right: the grids/lines are fainter, which I prefer; the pages are numbered (with pages for a table of contents in the front); and they also don't contain space for a dollar reward like moleskines do, which always struck me as extremely pretentious (instead, they have space for your name and address)

Our Favorite Unique Notebooks for the Office
11/22/11 12:01 AM

While Flickr probably gives an accurate view of the iPhone vs. other smart phones, I don't think it's quite fair to compare it to other cameras.

When I upload photos I've taken with my phone, I upload it directly from my iPhone. When I use my SLR, I have to remember to download the photos, process them with lightroom, then upload them.
As far as photosharing goes, my iPhone is infinitely easier to use, thus I'll upload more photos with it. If you look at which photos I like best, which ones I use as a wallpaper or have the most views, they're all from my DSLR.

What's the Most Popular Camera Used on Flickr?
9/23/11 07:39 PM

I have many skills, the joy of being involved with technical theatre during high school (and growing up with a dad who considered building new stairs to be a weekend project). I can sew/knit/crochet/macrame/whatever, do woodworking (can't make anything more complicated than basic furniture, though. Most of my carpentry skills are more of the building a house sort).
Oh, an unlisted skill of mine is in working with electricity. I have a lot of fun making old speakers work and rewiring things.

I wish I could do pottery. That's one skill I'm envious of.

Reader Survey: What's Your Handmade Skill?
9/15/11 06:06 PM

We do this in theatre, as a cheap way to make ramps/stairs slip-proof.
It does rub off after a while, though, so if your stairs are traffic-heavy you may have to repaint them after a month or two

Make Stairs Slip-Proof With Sand
Martha Stewart

9/2/11 03:22 PM

I agree with most of your post, but the upside down iPad is probably because a) it's more aesthetically pleasing and b) that way it doesn't reflect the photographer

A New Angle on Taking Workspace Pictures
Flickr Finds

3/16/11 02:14 PM

@Ban Clothing

I recently started colour coding my closet. I initially thought it wouldn't be as organised (just aesthetically pleasing) but I've found it's a lot easier to figure out what I want to wear, because I tend to think of clothing in terms of colours, not types (i.e. I'm wearing black pants, so I feel a red top, but I don't care if it's a sweater or a shirt...)

Fresh Start: Small Closet Updates that Make a Big Difference
1/27/11 04:39 PM

I made a crocheted afghan over the summer, using this pattern (free pattern, link leads to blogspot).

It's very easy and fast to crochet--though I would caution again beginners trying it. If you're not used to the motions of crocheting, crocheting this much will give you nasty hand cramps.

I made most of mine out of scraps of acrylic yarn, it's a good way to eat up a stockpile of cheap acrylic yarn (a pound of yarn works well for the background colour).

A Handmade Home: Crochet Bed Coverings
1/24/11 11:21 PM

I have a very similar base carpet/wall in my dorm room. My roommate and I put down sections of carpet (get something comfortable and cushion-y. This isn't so much about style as you're probably going to end up sitting on the floor with friends and some point and want something comfortable). As other people have said, this is actually a good carpet as dorm carpets go--it's easy to clean and whatever carpet you add should keep that in mind. If you haven't figured out already, dorm floors get dirty quickly.

My wall currently is covered with newspapers with different quotes on them and my drawings. It's not how I would decorate a home, but when I'm studying/working, I like to have my sketches and different inspirational quotes surrounding my desk.

And, as others have said, getting good lighting will help tremendously. I currently have my entire desk backlit in addition to my desk light (if you don't have one already, I suggest getting something with some sort of diffusion, since your eyes will hurt like crazy when you've been pulling all-nighters) and replacing your school-issued curtains will help. These are large, colour the light entering your room, and are often ignored.

What Color Accents For My Dorm Room?
Good Questions

12/9/10 10:07 PM

I live pretty far from the city. Cell phone reception can be spotty, so it's nice to have a land line.
It also allows segregation of different types of calls. Important things go to my cell phone, but reminders from the doctor go to my land line/answering machine.

The land line doesn't cost much with our current internet bundle and, as others have said, it's nice in case of emergencies.

Moving Survey: Do You Have a Land Line?
8/23/10 06:41 PM

Over-undering is a must for thicker cables or delicate cables. As silentfool said, it reduces wear on the cables, increasing the life of cables. However, I find it much more useful when dealing with long power cords, or other thick cables. If your old extension cords won't lay flat, it's likely because they were wrapped incorrectly in the past. Over-undering is easy to learn and, once you get the hang of it, is fast. Even if you use part of the cable to secure the loop, over-undering the rest of the cable will help dramatically.

YouTube how-to

How To Tie Knots for Cable & Cord Storage
8/13/10 11:16 PM