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super flattering to read most of the comments, and i'll try to answer most of the questions on here in case anyone else is wondering...
the pink books are not wrapped. they are re-sale books that i primed and painted after glueing the edges to prevent the paper from rippling and screwed them together in groups of 6-10 books. it's more of an art installation and a 'first impression' since it's off the entry foyer. the only books that are used are all my art books which are scattered throughout.
(hi nicole...)
the firepole was added in lieu of a second set of stairs when i converted the attic into my bedroom. a set of from stairs would have negated my office, office closet and part of the foyer/hallway of the second floor. (and no one has ever fallen through.....yet)
the inlays in the wood floors are not original... i made them to fill in where walls were taken down and as a conversion between different wood species.
yes, i live here in 5000 sq ft and i've heard that almost once for every sq ft.
living room paint is benjamin moore- matte finish 1238-falcon brown
the portrait that i think you are asking about rosenatti is a watercolor and pencil piece i did 10 yrs ago. many of the art pieces in this house are ones i have done over the years...
again, thanks everyone for the comments.
----- dave

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9/30/10 07:43 AM

hey thorndale
i'ld be happy to help you out with some info on nw indiana. as far as just telling you specific places to have a great time, it's just like anywhere else.... (east coast and san fran included), it all depends on your specific interests and attributes that make up a 'great weekend' for you. till then, i can only give ya some generalities.... east of gary is merriville-shereville-etc. very suburban places....lots of malls, strip malls, plazas and big box stores everywhere. then gary...oi....gary. beyond that, it gets beautiful fast. hills, forests, lakes everywhere, every type of farm and quaint towns abound, several art communities, tons of mannerly 'country folk' mixed with big chicago money in many towns. 25 miles into indiana, you start the interesting parts....chesterton, portage, michigan city, then laporte... then 30 miles more and you're in south bend.

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8/13/10 09:54 PM

big thanks to those of you with the positive comments, and to the rest, all i can say is that i really hope you try to know and understand something before you spew ingorance. it's just sad and embarrasing.

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8/12/10 10:06 PM