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Yay! I went to the opening in costume! and bough two very lovely prints inspired by the Fantastic Mr. Fox. One by Dave Perillo and Isaac Bidwell

If you really want to see my margot tenenbaum costume you can check it here :P

But these kids have the best mom and Fantastic Mr. Fox costumes ever:

2011 Bad Dads Exhibit: A Celebration of Wes Anderson
11/4/11 05:10 PM

I really like the cool extending desk lamps. Anyone know where to get those

A Unique Way to Display and Store Your Magazines
La Dolce Vita

9/2/10 03:09 PM

Eh many but not all. I'm sure some readers legitimately enjoy taxidermy (such as myself) but also find it kind of odd at how trendy it's become. But for those who may actually appreciate the art, they might be interested in reading Still Life: Adventures in Taxidermy and Stuffed Animals and Pickled Heads: The Culture and Evolution of Natural History Museums They're both from an outsiders pov and their fascination with the subject that drives them into discovering the history of taxidermy, the people who practice it, how and why it evolved into an art and where the state of the practice is at now (not *quite* dead).

Anyhow, just because its not for many doesn't mean it can't be appreciated.

Printed Not Stuffed: Wild Animals for Your Walls

8/17/10 05:31 PM

I'm dying to know where tv stand/cadenza thingy came from. Anyone know? Want.

How to Decorate this Wall & Divert Attention from TV?
Good Questions

8/12/10 05:31 PM