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That's the yellow wall color that I want in the 2nd picture. Any ideas on the brand/name??

Away from the Window: 4 Creative Uses for Curtains
11/10/10 03:51 PM

Anyone have a source for the sofa in Picture #5?

Suiting Inspired Decor
Inside Man

8/16/10 10:04 AM

Regardless of how many real dishes or bowls I had, it's always a good idea to have some paper plates and utencils as well... Especially when you don't know how clean/trustworthy your roommate or friends will be.

I never buy any dishware that isn't microwave or dishwasher safe, so always check the back.

If a fridge isn't provided, make sure to call your roommate (if you can). Sometimes small dorms don't allow for 2 fridges if you both get one. Usually if you buy the fridge, they'll buy the microwave or some other necessary & shared item. Don't go halfsies on anything, it makes move-out more complicated.

Essentials For Your First Dorm Room
8/13/10 11:23 AM