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gonna have to pick this up; mad i canceled my subscription!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Tips for Furniture Shopping from Craigslist, Catalogs TV Real Simple
1/17/09 11:23 AM

my husband and i were commenting last night on how every single item in our home minus the mattress was purchased from craigslist, ikea or goodwill/other thrift stores. i have absolutely no desire to spend more than $100 for any one piece in my home and enjoy the challenge of making a space while being budget and earth friendly. i wish AT featured more homes with re-used items and re-purposed goods.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Decorating on a Budget
1/13/09 09:33 PM

"in this land of sea and sun we do not flush for number one," of course, in the virgin islands we had water shortages to explain this one!

Apartment Therapy Boston | Do You Remember Slogans on Display at Your Grandparents House?
1/10/09 10:29 AM

i think you would be happier with some color on those walls. the little cabinet to the left of the tv is too cool

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | House Call: Carrie's Mid Century Danish Modern Apartment Los Angeles
1/6/09 03:57 PM

ghettoism? really? ugh.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Edgewise Arts
1/6/09 02:19 PM

i wld love to come home to this
its comfortable looking, lived-in and warm
i miss having plants now that i have a puppy who eats everything :(

Apartment Therapy New York | East #16: Heather's Leafy Oasis
4/14/08 01:25 PM

Ah, yes about the low bookcases-- I saw some on craigslist recently, but they were snapped up quickly. Any pointers on those glossy white ones with two shelves I see in photos from time to time? Thanks again, this is great!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | CHI Good Questions: Ideas for Hallway Shelf Area?
2/22/08 04:58 AM

Thank you all so much for the suggestions and puppy compliments!

I love the idea of books/built-ins. The books currently on the shelf are only four boxes unpacked and we have a ton still packed up, so that was our initial thought as well. I am glad to know that the Billy Bookcases will fit, as I had seen them but knew that the Expedit, for instance, was just over 15 inches. That is a great idea to make it seem built in... would it be appropriate to keep it white or do the dark wood?

I also love the wallpaper idea for the entryway. You cannot see in the photo, but the first beam actually separates another shelving area in the entryway that it about six feet long; wallpaper and hooks would be perfect there.

I also love the art gallery idea as I am a painter and I want to do a new series, so that area would be perfect for trying it out. I like the idea of leaning larger pieces against the wall... wonder how our puppy would react? :)

The second beam separates the hallway from the living room/dining room/kitchen. Our television is now precariously perched on a plastic container with a wrap skirt over it for decoration-- kinda bootleg, if you know what I mean. It is not big enough to wall mount, but it is flat screen. Any suggestions on a 15 in or less tv console?

We have the same amount of space on the first wall as the second and are thinking of doing low bookcases there (to the side of the tv, which, now that I think about it, we could just put atop a low bookcase) and actually following one other person's comment: hanging a Nigerian tapestry above. My husband is from Nigera, so we have tons lying around and they are all quite large.

Again, thanks to everyone for the comments! This is just what I need to make a weekend project!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | CHI Good Questions: Ideas for Hallway Shelf Area?
2/22/08 04:56 AM

crazy! i did something like this as a valentine's day present to my husband yesterday with frames from ikea, some thumbtacks, clips and our honeymoon photos from belize! i think i need to add to it after seeing these-- i have about 25 pics so far. this is very inspiring!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Look: Creating Picture Frame Collages
2/15/08 04:35 PM

i just saw the side table at zella brown this week. it was reasonably priced, too.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Look! Our New (Old) Asian Lamp
2/8/08 10:21 AM

I am looking for simple, affordable shelving for my books. Where is your shelving from?

Apartment Therapy New York | East #1: Nest's Lovelier Library
1/25/08 08:41 PM

i'm all for minimalist design but this is kind of crazy to me... 750 for something that looks like a low profile orphanage bed? i don't get it...

Apartment Therapy New York | House Tour: Small Family Home Min Bed
12/4/07 08:48 PM