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Anyone have additional ideas for getting dog smell out of cars? I have a used car that when it gets wet from snow melt in the winter it smells like the previous owner's dog. Gross.

Big List of Tips for a Less-Stinky Home: How to Manage Pet Odors
3/7/14 02:11 PM

Great space! :)

Chris & Meg's Darling City Cottage House Tour
1/28/14 12:55 PM

Amazing! Well done! :)

Before & After: A Mini, Multi-Purpose Chill Room With Solid Shelves
1/27/14 01:53 PM


And can you please tell me where you found your salt/pepper grinders?

Natalie & Seth's Organic Modern Home House Tour
1/7/14 04:04 PM

Chiming in from Alaska - two zones is not enough!

Would Two Time Zones Be Better Than Four?
11/5/13 07:23 PM

This is my favorite place featured by AT! What a gorgeous home! :)

David and Jennifer's Handmade Home House Tour
10/30/13 04:31 PM


Are you happy with the crib? My husband and I are expecting our first child and have very limited living space. The Alma Mini looks like a great small-space solution but I'm wondering about day-to-day practicality and long-term realities of it.

Alexandra & Mike's Bright and Colorful Family Nest House Tour
10/24/13 03:55 PM

Awesome! Totally inspiring. :)

Before & After: Retro Chair Reaps Benefits of Reupholstery Lonny
10/4/13 02:39 PM

Great place!

The MacMillans' Converted Greenhouse House Tour
9/12/13 01:21 PM

I think the ceiling and wall color look great!

Rental Kitchen Before & After: A New Color Scheme and a Wallpapered Ceiling! Kitchen Makeover
9/3/13 04:17 PM

Oh-la-la! Totally lovely.

Before & After: John's Craigslist Miracle
8/28/13 04:18 PM

Can you please tell me where you got those gorgeous glass jars with the wood toppers on the counter top?

Before & After: Breakfast in Tiffany's
8/27/13 12:56 PM

This is great! :)

Scott's San Francisco Backyard My Great Outdoors
8/5/13 02:24 PM

I'd be in without a doubt! My husband and I never make reservations because we like our trips to unfold organically. This would be fun.

How Spontaneous Are You? Heineken Offers Free Trips via Departure Roulette Co.Create
7/23/13 01:16 PM

Very cool! :)

This Kitchen Wall Installation Has a Secret: Can You Guess What It's Made Of?
12/7/12 02:42 PM

Australia sells all sorts of these bottles, colors, designs for about $5. (At least they did 4 years ago).

Bormioli Rocco Giara Colored Bottles
11/9/12 02:57 PM

This is fabulous. Love your tip. :)

Syd + Eric's "Dia de los Malkovich" Room Room for Color Contest
10/17/12 01:32 PM

I use an Ulu too! :)

What Do You Use to Cut Your Pizza? Survey
10/10/12 01:47 PM

My mom's number is the only one I do not have plugged into my phone for precisely this reason.

Do You Know Your Mother's Phone Number?
10/10/12 01:09 PM

Totally inspired. Love it!

Polly's "Moody Blues" Room Room for Color Contest
10/10/12 01:05 PM