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Agreed with Mcintyree. You have to be realistic. We used to dual function our dining room as our work space as well in our apartment. That said, I am pretty organized (border of neat-freak) so it was easy to convert from one to another. Except, our wall of pin-up everything! And our semi-huge glass writing board. I let those be our 'organized chaos' art work when we turned the room into dining room when having friends over. And I do think round table is better choice, to avoid any bumping to corner. That said, I LOVE Strut Table!! Maybe only work well if one side is pushed against the wall - which is fine, really.

What To Do With Small Dining Room?
Good Questions

5/26/11 09:36 AM

I need this kind of post! It motivates me to finish up our kitchen!

Before & After: Meredith & Stephen's DIY Kitchen Rehab
Welcome to Heardmont

5/18/11 04:59 PM