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My dream is to have a mural painted of a herd of nerfs. You know, from Star Wars. 'Cause then it'd be a nerfery.

Bold, Brave & Beautiful: Nursery Murals
7/27/13 12:36 AM

Interesting how replacing white cabinets with wood actually brightens the space! I think the white paint wasn't reflective so light just fell flat instead of bounced around the room like in the "after". Could be better lighting now too. Nothing worse than office-grade flourescents in a kitchen.

Kitchen Before & After: From Dingy White to Warm Wood Reader Kitchen Remodel
7/2/13 10:55 AM

I also wonder what the potency of vinegar is when it is diluted that much. I have a feeling I would have to take a day to take my machine apart and really deep-clean it, I just don't have the stomach for something so gross. It needs to be done, though. My clothes don't stink after washing, but they don't smell incredibly fresh either...

For the naysayers, think about your dishwasher (or dishwashers at your work, for example). Do your glasses smell like socks after they are washed? It's the same principle - build-up of gunk leads to funk. Think of all the bodily oils and dead skin cells that could build up in your washing machine after a while. Or hair, dust, lint, whatever. Yeah, your machine runs cycles and drains like a pro, but your clothes may not be as clean as they could be if your machine was clean too. To each their own - but I'll be trying this method this week.

How To Clean a Washing Machine Apartment Therapy Tutorials
2/19/13 02:38 PM

Really excited for this. This is what Apartment Therapy is all about, helping us organize and live in smaller spaces. I am thinking of blogging my way through this, to keep me accountable. Could we get a link-back button?

Join Us & Get Organized in 2013:
The January Cure!

12/28/12 05:22 PM

I totally want to do this when I start a family. My boyfriend and I often joke about decorating our future baby's room with nerfs (why you stuck-up, half-witted, scruffy-looking nerf herder!). Come on! A nerfery! Unfortunately, too few would get the reference and we'd get questions like, "so what's with all the yaks on the wall?"

Rocky's Star Wars Nursery
Nursery Tour

11/9/11 12:48 AM

That rounded shower stall looks like something Dr. Evil would escape in.

I agree about balancing personal style with resale value. Even if I was living in a house for the rest of my life, I would want to do all permanent fixtures like cabinets, countertops and tiles in neutral schemes and then go crazy with whatever personal accessories I want. Then I won't have to blow money on renos to update every decade, hopefully :D.

Renovation Motivation: Resale Value or Personal Style?
5/11/11 01:04 PM

I understand your wish to not replace the dishwasher. My bf and I just bought our first condo and since it is just the two of us, it actually takes a few days to fill up and I'm pretty sure it takes more water than just half-filling the sink too. Our dishwasher is also ridiculously loud and in an open-concept condo, it gets really annoying. So we have decided that unless we have friends over for dinner or if I make a particularly elaborate meal (or if we get lazy for a few days), we just throw the few dishes/pots we have into the sink and it's done.

I'm loving the idea of a garbage/recycling centre in that space but I'd be concerned about smells wafting through the curtains. Garbage, in my opinion, needs to be behind a closed door or cabinet. Easily-removable shelves sounds like the most practical solution to me, as long as you don't remove the ability to install a dishwasher should you want to sell.

How To Fill Space Where Dishwasher Used To Be?
Good Questions

3/30/11 07:02 PM

This is the perfect time for a DwellStudio post! I live in Fort McMurray, Alberta (a.k.a. the Official Middle of Nowhere), and I have fallen in love with the Peacock Dove duvet set from Dwell. My mom has graciously offered to buy it for me as a housewarming/birthday present, because it is obviously expensive enough to span two special occasions.

My question is, have any of you ordered from Dwell before? Do you think their ordering system is secure enough to use a credit card? I'm asking because my lovely mother offered to use her card but I'm a little concerned with ordering something from an out-of-country site.

If you have advice or reassurance, I would love to hear it! Thanks! :D

Spring Bedding Looks from DwellStudio
3/19/11 11:09 AM

If my (wonderful) boyfriend had his way, the entire place would be done up in a southwestern dude-ranch style. He even has a pair of bull horns from the Calgary Stampede that he is always trying to sneak into the decor. I prefer softer colours with graphic patterns and he always says it is too pale. White walls scare him. Thank goodness we're in a rental right now that we can't do anything with anyway but one day, our two styles will collide and our place will either be eclectic and awesome, or confused and ugly.

Sneaky D├ęcor
8/11/10 12:37 PM