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Rub bar soap over a zipper that refuses to zip closed.

10 Alternative Uses for Soap This Old House | Apartment Therapy Re-Nest
3/5/10 08:14 PM

And I always thought dog paws smelled like popcorn!

How To Clean a Rug with Snow Home Hacks | Apartment Therapy Chicago
2/16/10 06:10 PM

I remember thinking "who does this?" when the Ninja Turtles advised us to turn off water when brushing in the early '90s. Is there really an epidemic of people who leave the water on when they brush?

Michelangelo also taught us not to throw away the batteries from our boom box...

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Simple Green: Turn Off the Water While Brushing
7/1/08 03:00 PM

If you do take the plunge and then hate it, it sounds like there are some ATers who would be happy to help you out :)

Apartment Therapy Chicago | CHI Good Questions: Opinions on Fiberglass Shell Chairs?
3/20/08 03:15 PM

yes, please

Apartment Therapy - AT Countdown.....
11/16/07 12:42 PM

I'd imagine that a CFL wouldn't produce too much heat for a paper lamp...

Apartment Therapy - Washi Papers as Home Decor
10/16/07 02:13 PM


what is the pale blue cabinet behind the dining table?

Apartment Therapy - #21 - Lori's Cool Refuge
10/16/07 02:10 PM

blueberries are delicious.

Apartment Therapy - How to Fold a Cardholder from a Paint Chip
10/2/07 02:14 PM

This beautiful window film would restore my dog to mental health, save my marriage, and prevent me from murdering my next-door neighbor's small, yappy dog.

Almost two years ago, my now-husband and I agreed to foster a medium-sized, low-key, dog-friendly "shepherd terrier mix." Or so we thought. Maxie turned out to be a 60-pound pit bull terrified out of her mind (and aggressively so) of other dogs after suffering years of abuse.

We love her dearly, and so have spent a great deal of time training her to live in civilized company. Maxie's one remaining foe is Felix, the spoiled, obnoxious guinea pig of dog with whom we share a back porch. At his provocation, Maxie flies in to a blind rage, growling and slamming herself into the glass back door. His parents seem to find this adorable.

We can't permanently alter the glass on the door, and I'm pretty sure that dognapping a fellow resident's pet would get us thrown out of the condo association.

"Lov" is my only hope!

Apartment Therapy - Thursday Giveaway: Strössel Design Window Film
9/27/07 01:41 PM

perhaps the second picture is a work in progress, with the arrangement growing as the collection does? Then eventually the art would be at eye level...

Apartment Therapy - Placing Artwork flush to the edge of the Wall...
9/26/07 04:36 PM

There are many no-kill shelters who house some of their dogs in foster homes to allow them to take in more animals. Not only will you be adopting an animal who would love a family, but you'll be able to talk to people who have gotten to know the dogs in real life circumstances (some dogs behave differently when they aren't constantly surrounded by other dogs in a shelter, for example). Foster parents can tell you how the dog likes car rides, cats, children, thunderstorms, etc.

I started out fostering my pit mix (hooray for pits!), and she's lovely. Just a little plug for some darling and misunderstood pooches.

Apartment Therapy - Best Dogs for Apartment Living?
9/20/07 02:28 PM

How would a monogram work for someone with two last names, or a hyphenated name?

Apartment Therapy - Personalized Monograms
9/20/07 02:07 PM

i heart mgn's sticker.

but I've always wondered, what's with the squiggle?

Apartment Therapy - Survey: Store Stickers
9/20/07 01:56 PM

I have a beef with the CB2 glasses. I _love_ the way they look (I think I pulled a photo from a magazine years ago), and the people working at the store have told me over and over how strong and durable they are. I don't know if they have instructions to push this glass or what, but it seems every time I walk in for a replacement, some well-intentioned salesperson gushes about how they're a best-seller and virtually unbreakable.

Let me tell you, unbreakable they are not. Granted, for something that appears to have the strength of tissue paper, they do okay, but I've had them shatter in the dishwasher, for goodness sake. Twice now they've cracked while I've been holding them (no extreme temperature involved, and I'm not _that_ strong).

To their credit, the folks at CB2 did replace the glasses once after I explained, while only looking at me like I was mildly crazy. I haven't had the nerve to go back with my sad collection of two broken juice glasses and a cracked tumbler...

If any ATers work at CB2, what gives? Am I the only poor fool with this problem?

Apartment Therapy - Seperated at Birth?: Hadley and Marta Glassware
9/14/07 02:46 PM

Speaking of VivaTerra, I've been meaning to ask about people's experiences with the company in general. I'm in the process of Curing my living room, and the railroad tie coffee table is in my style tray, but I thought I'd read somewhere about people having bad customer service experiences and untimely shipping. Can anyone comment?

Apartment Therapy - Railroad Tie Dining Table and Chairs from VivaTerra
9/14/07 02:18 PM

On the one hand, gift cards are lovely because you can buy your heart's desire. On the other hand, the denomination can be tricky... I think psychologically, getting something you love and will use over and over is nicer, even if you know it was inexpensive. $35 to spend at Best Buy seems cheap, especially when you (or your loved ones) are spending $80 a head on a fabulous party.

That being said, if you know the couple likes to entertain, there are some items everybody needs but forgets to ask for. Small serving tongs, a simple glass water pitcher, attractive carafes for coffee and hot water.

Nobody needs more picture frames unless there's something special inside them!

Generous cash for a down payment on a house is sublime.

Apartment Therapy - Best Wedding Gift You've Given or Received?
8/29/07 02:54 PM

I think you just have to keep your eyes open. I've been collecting the letter A for a while now, and hang them in a group on a wall. Part of the fun for me is the thrill of the hunt. One of the owners of Scout told me that they have them from time to time, and to check out the antiques market on Broadway.

Apartment Therapy - Letters and Numbers in Home Decor
8/19/07 09:40 AM

I think you're totally on point with the comment about not using disposable goods.

However, if we take the comment more broadly, it can turn into a discussion on how many of us have different sets of dishes for a whole host of different occasions. The more we consume, the more resources are necessary to produce and transport our adorable melamine picnicware (and fall-printed tumblers, and reindeer appetizer plates).

Home and Garden Roundup: 08.12.07
8/13/07 03:05 PM

So what is the final verdict on soda siphons? I'm intrigued (I've never used one), but would want to find one where the chargers are recyclable or reusable. Anyone want to comment on their experiences and level of satisfaction?

AT on: Letting Go of Bottled Imported Mineral Water
6/18/07 02:04 PM

We have the Malm bed in birch and love it. No sturdiness issues, and it often serves as a trampoline and lookout tower for our very active ridgeback... My only complaint is that the "low" mattress setting doesn't allow for under-bed storage boxes. Try setting it on the higher level, or consider adding casters.

Good Questions: Opinion of MALM Bed?
4/9/07 01:34 PM