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I put my phone into aircraft mode every night - no beeping except for the alarm in the morning.

Sleep Tight & Wake Up Right
3/26/12 04:54 PM

For my last break I had 5 weeks leave and didn't want to go near my laptop. I set my out of office as usual but i added one significant change:

"Emails sent during this time will not be read and will be deleted, please resend after my return. If the matter is urgent please contact Insert name Insert name here can contact me directly if the matter needs my immediate response."

This was so liberating as on my return I did just that... DELETE

Don't Bother Me: Implement an "Out of Office" System
5/18/11 08:19 PM


"Recall" not "Recognition". This is precisely why I strongly dislike the ribbon. It kills productivity.

I use a 1996 Model M keyboard because I want my keyboard to do what it is told, not guess every time I want to use it.

Is This the Future of Keyboards?
8/25/10 09:24 AM

Love the designs.
Be cool to make one with nixie tubes:

Final Frame: Aaron's Steampunk-style Calculators
8/10/10 11:20 PM