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All the color makes it look so happy!

Rachel's "Door's Open" House
House Tour

11/2/10 01:39 PM

The melted chocolate color is fab

Cate's California Cottage
House Call

11/2/10 01:38 PM

Good Option: "Kids shoes off house" which we have had ever since returning to the US. Kids LOVE to take their shoes off, and they are the ones who stand on your couch, coffee table, bed, and should be encouraged to do so! Teenagers put their feet up on the coffee table, couch, curl up in the chair--they take theirs off too. Parents are cued in by seeing the pile of kids shoes by the door--and no one has complained yet.
PS, not all of us have been reading every post for years--by the number of comments I would say this is a hot topic regardless of past posts--I look to current posts for info and ideas--not the archives!

Shoes On or Off in the Home?
11/2/10 01:36 PM

Why embarassed about the white walls? With the windows and art as a standout feature--the white is perfect!

Ben's Warm & Cozy Austin Apartment
House Tour

10/7/10 06:00 PM

The light over the dining room table shows real restraint. It is perfection there. Love that it doesn't block the view from one end of the house to the other.

Robert & Michelena's Modern-Bohemian Fusion
House Tour

10/7/10 05:58 PM

My grandfather made us a kitchen with a garden hose in our treehouse. This is a modern equivalent for the kids to cook outside--I'm making it this weekend.

DIY Outdoor Kitchen by Studiomama

10/7/10 10:29 AM

Color plus natural wood grain? Cool.

Circles Coffee Table by Michael Arras
10/7/10 10:27 AM

Now that we can see the kitchen--WOW
It seamlessly blends with the rest of the house--and its a rental? Great pics too.

Kerri & Luke's "Bang for Your Buck" Bungalow
House Tour

9/15/10 09:12 PM

Love it on the wicker. Looks sharp and can just see myself sitting out in the sun in this chair with a nice cold drink. Want something different next year? Paint it again!

Runway to Remodel: Nautical Striped Chair How To
8/12/10 02:54 PM

I thought loaning out books to friends was a thing of the past--what a great idea to bar scan them all so you can keep track of who has what!

Kerri & Luke’s "Bang for Your Buck" Bungalow
House Call

8/10/10 09:49 PM