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I just started trying to see if I could raise worms a few months ago. I started with a five tray Vermihut and two pounds of worms. I am an avid fisherman and have been using the worms but they are multiplying faster than I can use them which made me so happy I bought another five tray Vermihut. I dont like to see litter when I go fishing and I got tired of paying a ridiculous price for half dead worms and trying to fight the skeeters diggin them and I have to say I think the Vermihut system works great. I havent had any problems out of mine yet and they are so easy to maintain. I feed the worms once a week and drain the water like twice a week and they seem to be happy worms. I didnt want to spend a lot of money not knowing if it was going to be worth it but now I have two systems and I am afraid if the worms keep going like they are I might need help using some of them to go fishin. The main thing is the Vermihut is cheap made from recycled material and I think it performs better than I thought it would when I first got it. I would have no problem recommending this product to anyone its worth the investment.

Worm Factory vs. VermiHut Composters: Part 2
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8/11/10 12:17 AM