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In answer to KatSD re: the nice-looking couple and the girlfriend who reacted in horror. I know her interviews were edited and may have left out any sensitive comments, but I thought she was extremely insensitive and almost nasty about what she said. She claimed to love him but said she had no room in her life for something like that, the she is a "big girl" and doesn't need him. I can understand not being with someone who has this kind of obvious mental illness, but to publicly degrade them and say she doesn't think he will ever change was just not right. Especially with a man who she previously thought was wonderful, and a man who gave every impression on camera as being a very nice and sensitive guy. A man who trusted her enough to show her his very vulnerable self on camera.

In answer to your question, the little blurb at the top (btw I do not like those blurbs they just started adding and think they are very distracting) said they no longer date but are "in touch."

Hoarding: Buried Alive
8/9/10 09:59 PM

To all of you who don't get this, please listen. I am not a hoarder by any stretch of the imagination. But I think I get this.

I watched one episode where there were children involved. I actually don't know if it was the A&E show or the TLC. I sat in judgment. I am not a neat freak but the idea of doing that to your children was totally repulsive to me. I thought "how can anyone do that to their children, even if it's something really important to them or soothing to them?" And then something clicked...

I realized this compulsion is similar to other compulsions that lots of people who would judge these hoarders or be completely repulsed by them actually have themselves.

Take me, for example. I am overweight. I haven't always been but even when I was skinny I was a complusive eater. It's very, very hard for me to understand why anyone would want to live in a house that's so full they can't function - and yet, I am in a body that's not always as functional as I would like. Maybe I have not let it get to the point where I don't fit in a roller coaster seat, but that doesn't make me any better than someone whose compulsion is more controlling or has been with them longer.

How can someone buy more stuff because it's soothing and calming to them and forget how bad it is at home? Well, how can I eat anything at all unhealthy and forget what I look like.

I hope you see what I'm saying. I know many here would probably sit in judgment of me as well, since I also have a very visible and somewhat repulsive problem.

Just remember that even though not everyone has a shameful compulsion, there are many, many people out there with compulsions that are easier to hide or less socially shameful but potentially harmful. I have a friend who compulsively cleans. Not in a standout way that most would think was mentally ill, but it's something that gives her a lot of sadness to not be able to let go and enjoy more things. Many people would admire her since it's not nearly as shameful to have a sparkling home than a disgusting one - however, I don't think she chose this compulsion over another one. Compulsive behaviors may change over time for a person, but I don't think we get to choose which ones we have.

If you have no compulsive behavior or addictions, then I am honestly very happy for you but please don't sit in judgment of those who do. Unless you have been there yourself, just watch and learn, or change the channel and go on your merry way.

Thank you.

Hoarding: Buried Alive
8/9/10 09:52 PM