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I have boxee on an old mac mini and it's pretty good. I does a lot of what I want but i do have some resolution problems, and have to use vlc on some .mkv. also my media is on my imac and some times boxee misses content. Plex is better at that. I wish there was a way to just add individual files, you have to choose a folder. plus i have to have my imac awake and stuff. i like the Boxee apps, the queue list is smart, and the friends feed is nice. but navigating with the iPhone app makes me feel dumb sometimes. I want to change something but my iPhone is asleep so i have to wake it up, unlock it and look at the iphone as im navigating while still also looking at the tv screen. Like ping pong with my eyes! haha. The gestures control helps. The Plex app is pretty bad but I think Hippo Remote does the best job. I think I could find a video on my phone in like ten seconds. Boxee takes so long and its awkward controlling and finding content.

i mean i like the idea of a small box that almost anyone could afford and more people are likely to have it.
My friends have plain HTPC but if I want to show them a video, i go to youtube, sign in, go to favorites, click on the video, full screen. I mean i wish i could just sit back, find something using my phone and just full screen it on to the TV. That would be sick! I'd pay $99 bucks just for that. I mean Boxee is fun and super geeky but its still navigating on your tv. I want to watch a video on on my comute home, walk through my door and flick the show on the screen. That would be futuristic.

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10/1/10 05:31 PM

@viscidly the iFlash adapter is $22.54 shipped to the US. a 32gb cf is $70.

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9/21/10 05:48 PM


IR home automation is a perfect solution for small open spaces.

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8/25/10 05:40 PM

i think the main point of this post was to save space.

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over under method is good for thicker instrument cables that have those built in velcro things. i like this method for smaller thiner cables, like usb an earphones, because you dont need a clasp. and it unravels without knots.

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8/13/10 07:30 PM