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So does everyone make there own soup? They pick thier ingredients then wait for them to be cooked, scoop it out and serve the next person? Or do you make one big pot and everyone eats it? I mean I guess either way would work, but what is the traditional way of doing it?

Orrrrr do you scoop the broth on top of people veggies and stuff?

I know I sound like an idiot but this has really intrigued me.

Steamboat, Hot Pot, Shabu Shabu: Like Fondue, But Better
10/31/11 02:51 PM

For colds I only got cold medicine and maybe Gatorade or Powerade. But if I had the flu I got the said Gatorade or Powerade and come Campbells Chicken Noodle Soup or Ramen. If I couldnt keep that down it was broth, ice chips, or warm jello. I hate hate hate Jello but when it is warm it's awesome.

Now when me or my husband get sick it's Sleepy Time Tea with honey and lemon, and some sort of soup. Usually a very brothy soup.

What Was Your Mom's Home Cure for the Common Cold?
3/21/11 02:38 PM

Where those Karma "Shoe"tras??? I swear HAHAHA If they were not shoes designed of people gettin it, im pretty sure there where little figures getting it on as she described her shoe collection.

I love black and think its very interesting, dont think I could live in it but it is very very cool

Black For Valentine's Day? Cindy Gallop's Black Apartment
2/14/11 02:36 PM

The fact you actually posted my question made me all giddy! But I am super stoked! I cant wait to see if anyone had any suggestions. And strange enough...they where delicious frozen.

Help Me Recreate These Vegan Marzipan Kiss Cookies!
Good Questions

12/29/10 02:45 PM

See now I love sushi anytime any day......except for when Im hungover. I would choose death. But when death is not available any not creamy soup will do...like Miso! And tons of liquid, soda, water, tea, juice. And some Munchos.

What Are Your Favorite Hangover Foods?
12/15/10 02:25 PM

Woodchuck! I love this stuff and I dont even have a gluten issue! Its available in quite a few flavors and this fall they released one that tasted just like apple cider, it was great around a campfire!

Sorgham to Cider: 5 Gluten-Free Beers and Beer Alternatives
Beer Sessions

12/15/10 02:22 PM

Ugh my heart just exploded. *goes and picks up pieces*

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11/29/10 02:55 PM

Oh my gosh Nora Rocket I laughed so hard at your comment! It was the same thought that I had!

Make These Now: Oven-Baked Tater Tots
11/6/10 04:21 PM

I think you may have meant "Kabocha Squash" not "Kombucha Squash" :)

How to Eat Half a Squash for Dinner
10/5/10 06:20 PM

I have made something similar for a while now. I take tomatoes, zucchini, onions, fresh garlic, salt and pepper and olive oil. I just layer it in a cassarole dish and bake it for an hour or so. It cooks down really well and all the veggies juices come out. I serve it over pasta, and we love love love it!

Recipe: Dad's Authentic Ratatouille
10/2/10 08:23 PM

We got my cat Gnomie from the pound, and I knew that I had to have her when I passed by her cage and she threw herself at the cage door. I noticed her quirks immediately. #1: She hates heights. This includes being picked up. #2: Plain water in a bowl is not good enough. Toilet water is cool and "circulated" and my water has ice in it, so why shouldn't she have that? So I found this nifty water circulator with a little fountain in it that filters and keeps the water cool. She likes is but still has affairs with the toilet. #3: Those little plastic balls with the jingly bells inside are a no no. Toys have to be soft and kick able and small enough to fit in her mouth. BUT there is no replacement for her favorite toy.....Twisty. The twisty ties that come off of electronic wires. Only the black ones. And she plays fetch with them. I have resorted to making her the soft toys, and she loves them! #4: Pet beds are a no go too. Like now she is on my bed..has the whole mattress to lay on but is laying on a piece of cardboard. She is our absolute baby, and the sweetest cat I have ever met, I wouldn't trade her for the world.

Catering to Your Pet's Quirks
9/15/10 12:08 PM

My husband fell in love with Kombucha (yay! something other than soda!) and then ....it was gone. Confounded! BUT recently we have only gotten 2 brands back in our local Sprouts. And only 3 flavors :( Blood Orange, Ginger and Aloe. The Ginger burned his eyes and throat so bad he couldn't even smell it, he's afraid of the aloe (and I really can't blame him.) and the Blood Orange was anything but fizzy. Bust. Also I had heard that Lindsey Lohan started this bull crap. At least that's what they said at the Celestial Seasonings Factory...they didn't even get to release theirs.

The Great Kombucha Freakout: Are You Getting Your Fix?
8/17/10 10:23 PM

Ok I saw Hummus and Corn Chips in the test kitchen. O.O

Professional Kitchen Tour: Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams
Columbus, Ohio

8/13/10 08:22 PM

I had cucumbers in my water for the first time at a cafe in Downtown Denver and loved it! It was very refreshing! Then I saw Hint Water that was Cucumber flavored so I bought it and it was horrifyingly gross. I will just stick to fresh slices in my water.

Cool As A... 13 Ways to Use Cucumbers
8/9/10 04:35 PM