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I have been living between a somewhat large house and a tiny apartment for the past year. Last week, the house sold (for a profit, yayayaya!!!) and all of my belongings were gathered in one place for the first time in quite a while. The thing is, the 'place' was my parents living room, where I had to stay for two weeks until my subletter left. I had already donated massive amounts of "stuff" but there was so much more to go. It was an eye-opening experience mostly because I thought I had already let go of so much.

I am now going back into my wonderful little space with even less and have reinstated the rule I established when I began this journey: Anything I live with must be both extraordinary and irreplaceable.

Sometimes extraordinary means a really well designed JosephJoseph cutting board/ drain board combo. Irreplaceable: my grandmothers huge ceramic mixing bowl, that is really too big for my space, but she made it and I love it, so I've integrated it into my studio.

As we really think about our consumption, sometimes its worth realizing that we lose perspective when we have too many choices in many areas of life, our homes should be an example of making good choices, it is so much more relaxing that way.

Living with Less: Lessons From What We're Living Without
4/28/11 08:23 PM

Museum putty would definitely have to be your best friend if you had that much open storage above your head!

Headboards as Room Dividers
Small Space Solution

8/25/10 09:39 AM

"We try to make the design of a room feel as inevitable as possible, but we know that achieving that is a constant process of arrangement and rearrangement."
The use of the word inevitable is truly one of the most brilliant descriptions of good interior design that I have ever heard. And they have certainly achieved it in this wonderful space.

Eli & Jessica's Comforting Cambridge Condo
House Tour

8/25/10 09:04 AM

sorry edition= Edison (morning coffee hasn't quite kicked in to match my Mac auto-correct speed!)

Source for Hanging Light Bulb Type Fixtures?
Good Questions

8/25/10 08:57 AM

ABC on Broadway had a whole bunch mixed in on displays on the first floor and the "mod" floor (is that 3? 4?) Someone told me they were recreations of the original edition bulb, that supposedly lasts forever?? I'd love to know more about them as well if anyone has more info.

Source for Hanging Light Bulb Type Fixtures?
Good Questions

8/25/10 08:56 AM

Williamsburg, Brooklyn $2300 for 460sf (in a full service building though, so "my" tv room, terrace and fitness equipment aren't counted in the size!)

Elmwood Village, Buffalo, NY ~$700/ mth for all expenses and mortgage in a 2600sf house.

I split time between the two, so I prefer to say I spend an average of $1500/ month on housing:-)

Survey: How Much Is Your Monthly Rent or Mortgage?
8/16/10 11:49 AM

wasn't trying for a trend, but for a creative use for a fantastic piece of furniture. I found a 1930's mahogany medical exam table- drawers galore, pull out writing drawer, even the little nooks where supplies can be stored. Added a 1950's banded oak teachers desk top and made it into the BEST kitchen island a girl could ever want!

Trend Watch: Vintage Medical Chic?
8/11/10 05:53 PM

My best ever CL find (well its in a tie with my Murphy Bed) is a vintage Castro convertible table. Large enough as a coffee table, it then pops up and butterflies out to become a significant square dining table that can seat 8. The configuration in my studio is such that the table is right where the foot of the bed comes down, so it acts as a nice anchor. Then I push the bed upright into its cabinet and lift the table and in two minutes, ready for company! With only 420 sf, everything has to have at least a dual purpose, more is better! (I also have an office that folds up to become a beautiful display cabinet...)

Setting Up Home: Dining Areas in Studios
8/6/10 08:58 PM