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Thanks for the inspiration. I just signed a lease yesterday for a three room apartment. No hallways and no dining room. It's definitely Make it Work Time!

My shotgun style place is laid out like this: enter into a living room, the next room is my bedroom, and then that leads into the kitchen. Problem being the kitchen is far too small for a table and you have to walk through the bedroom to get to the kitchen.

I was thinking about splitting up the middle room (bedroom) into two parts-- a sleeping quarters and a dining area. Any suggestions on how I go about making that division?

Setting Up Home: Dining Areas in Studios
8/6/10 03:58 PM

These greens are so bold! While the hue does seem to be a little more youthful (not as refined as a mint/sage), you can tone it down with white accents and make it work.

Color at Home: Great Greens for Your Walls
8/6/10 03:45 PM


A High-End Australian Beach House

8/6/10 03:38 PM

It does seem a little too bulky for my taste.


The seventh example down labeled the "Cluster Chandelier" is much more successful-- whimsy, fresh, and much softer.

DIY Mason Jar Chandelier
Kara Pasley Designs

8/6/10 03:35 PM

Love the rustic chic! Architectural remnants (such as glass doorknobs, leaded windows, etc) and refurbished maps also make for great accessories in keeping with this style.

Trend Report: Reclaimed Industrial Furniture & Accessories
8/6/10 03:26 PM