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Agree whole heartedly with stam487. As long as you aren't buying or selling drugs, I don't think BMore is any more dangerous than any other city.

And while I'm at it, if you're looking for good eats in federal hill check out Metropolitan or Hirsch's ( it's a new pizza place, maybe more locust point than fed hill). Dukem is an amazing Ethiopian place in Mount Vernon, and you def can't miss out on Iggies pizza up there either.

As for shopping, my favorite place to buy art is at MICA's Art Mart in December, when the students sell cheap crafts, prints, pottery, jewelry, and more.

I really love this place and strongly recommend it to anyone!

7/27/12 09:08 AM

If I could favorite this twice, I would.

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4/19/12 12:52 PM

I tried it with wax paper, but couldn't get it to stick! Is freezer paper different? What brand did you use? Thanks!

How To: Print on Fabrics Using Freezer Paper Stencils
I Heart Art Baltimore

8/13/11 01:12 PM

Hi everyone, thanks for the great comments!

All the paint in the house is from Home Depot, Behr's paint and primer in one.

Bedroom: Raging Sea (750F-4)
Living Room: Mint Hint (430A-1)

And I have to wait for the boyfriend to get home to reach the paint up high to tell you the color of the den.

Thanks again!

Jane & Mike's "Trial and Error" Federal Hill Home
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8/6/11 02:51 PM

* buy

Jane & Mike's "Trial and Error" Federal Hill Home
House Tour

8/3/11 08:35 AM

Ha! You're totally right. The bulb is in the base, the shade hangs from the ceiling. It was supposed to be a temporary fix for mismatched lamp pieces, but I decided to keep it. Glad it blew your mind!

The shelving in the bathroom is from Ikea, you but the supports and the boards separately.

Jane & Mike's "Trial and Error" Federal Hill Home
House Tour

8/3/11 08:34 AM

Hey, thanks for all the good vibes! To answer some questions:

- The bedroom pain color is Behr's "Raging Sea" and it is awesome.

- The curtains are from Target, and fit the windows in my previous apartment. Sadly, as a grad student, I couldn't afford new ones when I moved a year ago. It's a little wacky, but trust me, way better to be lower than to have the un-curtained space at the bottom!

- I have sweet brick walls in my living and bedrooms.

Thanks again!


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4/26/11 10:03 PM