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I adore your kitchen! And the windows in your dining room are fabulous!

Abby's Fabled South End Townhouse House Tour
7/10/14 10:05 PM

Not sure the big house is worth the sacrifices you've made. You can never have that time back. Best to enjoy yourself and not tie yourself up so when you are young.

Living in an Apartment Means Never Having to Do Anything
7/10/14 10:01 PM

Keep in mind that when you share your home on the internet, you are inviting comments. If you are afraid of criticism, you probably shouldn't share your home. I wish this site would stop cuddling people who are so fearful. Watch Project Runway. Michael Kors always reminds people when they want to be in the public eye they will be criticized.

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(About Your Home)

7/10/14 09:58 PM

Cute house, but seven shots of the dude's closet? Really?

Bridget & Jake's \"Make It Your Own\" Denver Homestead
7/10/14 09:21 PM


Before & After: A Sideboard Gets Diagonal Color for a Dining Room!
7/5/14 03:59 PM

Beautiful home. I especially love the bedroom.

Bernadette's Cool, Colorful & Contemporary Austin Home House Tour
5/10/14 11:31 PM

Can you tell me who did those gorgeous paintings in the bedroom?

Meg's Classic Glamor Apartment House Tour
4/30/14 12:10 AM


Jim & Doris' Global Island Oasis House Tour
4/1/14 08:51 PM

This kind of blew me away. When I saw the title, I almost didn't open the tour, and I'm so glad I did. Are you some type of mathematical genius or what? For some unexpected reason, this didn't come across as overdone as I thought might. There's a lot going on, but doesn't go too far over the top - perhaps because objects are given room to breathe. I need to study and digest this post more. Great job.

Mike's Cabinet of Curiosities House Tour
3/29/14 08:30 PM

Sorry, but when someone says "give me clutter and little dust" so I know someone lives there, I always think that's guilt talking because their homes aren't clean. I'm much rather live the fantasy. And believe it or not, this is how some of us like to live. As for having children in the environment, this is not a problem. Teach your children to appreciate beauty and allow them to touch and rearrange without fear. This way they learn to appreciate beauty. And so what if something gets broken? Even though it's beautiful, it's still just stuff which can be replaced.

I have a beautiful pottery/glass collection and two rambunctious nephews who come to stay often. I believe part of the joy of pottery is its tactile nature. The boys love to rearrange the pottery and to touch it. They have never broken anything! I wish I could say the same for me, lol.

Pomona's Boutique-Style Space House Tour
3/28/14 04:48 PM

Oh, are those bracelets? I thought they were napkin rings. Silly me. I love them. 'Course I always wanted to live in a boutique.

Pomona's Boutique-Style Space House Tour
3/28/14 04:43 PM

I'm drooling!!! Your floating shelves are divine, and the styling even more divine! I need you to come to my home and arrange my vase collection! Simply heaven.

Pomona's Boutique-Style Space House Tour
3/28/14 04:39 PM

Very beautiful home! I especially love the hanging window frames.

Rachel & Brian's Spacious Place House Tour
3/24/14 07:41 PM

And don't forget it can be fun to break the rules too! Especially when it comes to scale. Abigail Ahern does this beautifully when she mixes intentionally overscale lamps with smaller tables.

8 Tips for Mixing Styles at Home
(Without Looking Like a Crazy Person)

3/18/14 05:34 PM

I love Danielle and I miss her! I wish she had a show on HGTV. I love her home, but I also enjoy seeing the way she puts herself together. Omigosh - those bracelets, those shoes! And a dressing room! Always been a fantasy of mine too!

HGTV Star Danielle Colding Layers Generations of Influence House Tour
3/17/14 02:51 PM

The prosthetics on the wall creep me out, have an amazing collection of pottery!

Jeremy's Light and Heavy Home House Tour
3/14/14 11:57 PM

Great post. I am so grateful that I traveled light when I was young. You're so right - I moved A LOT. And you know those lessons really became important when I had a drastic life change. I knew how to get rid of A LOT of stuff. Stuff's just stuff. I love beautiful things, but not too many. Regular purging is just part of my process. The most important thing is to make each place a home, no matter how temporary and no matter how small, or crummy, whatever. And it can be done inexpensively and simply. I actually look back fondly on those simple times when everything I had fit in my little pinto and I could move on a moment's notice.

What I Wish I Knew About Home Decor When I Was 22
2/27/14 09:31 PM

Gasp. Oh the lamps, oh the pottery. Oh the organic masculinity of it. Seems very large and spacious. Can't imagine having this much money. But so so gorgeous.

Krzysztof's Modern Deco-Inspired Home House Tour
2/27/14 09:21 PM

Such a lovely and fresh home! I love the pops of pink. Your pottery and art collection are amazing! And I never say this but - your puppy is adorable!

Sarah's Modern Global Loft House Tour
2/19/14 02:01 PM

I love all the white. And that coffee table is gorgeous!

Ann and Jack's Cozy Austin Abode House Tour
2/12/14 12:26 PM