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The cat hammock is available at www.catabove.com

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The Winners, 2010

9/24/12 08:30 PM

lem2grace - it's available in faux-leather by request.

Cat Hammock by Tamar Gilad
Design Showcase 2010

9/20/10 06:27 PM

For DYI - If you want to make your own SnoozePal, you need a super sturdy box in order to hold the weight of your cat in the hammock.

The SnoozePal now has a reinforced top to support the weight of cats who want to perch above.

This product is made in the U.S., not China. We are proud to support our U.S. box manufacturer and the people who sew for us!

Thanks for the comments. Tammy, designer of the SnoozePal.

SnoozePal Cat Hammock
8/5/10 02:09 PM