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If you had ever blown up a bed and, more so, deflated it you would not recommend it as an every-day alternative to a real bed. Pain in the ... back!

Top Tips for Maximizing Space in (Really) Tiny Paris Apartments...and Anywhere Else
3/21/14 02:29 PM

I can't imagine life anymore without my shopping trolley. They may feel square but even here in chic Paris everybody is using one. Sure, you can't take it with you wherever you go so this is only for dedicated grocery shopping sprees.

Apart from that I always keep a thin but very handy bag from Envirosax (">) in my bag for spontaneous grocery shopping. It's the more comfortable version of the good old string bag and can be rolled into something not bigger than a child's fist.

Can You Help Me Find Better Reusable Grocery Bags? Good Questions
8/31/12 09:55 AM

We're going to Shanghai in a few weeks and would be grateful for good dumpling addresses there!

Behold: Soup Dumplings!
9/21/10 03:10 PM

Can it be that Ashley rather ment that the noodles don't, hm, "spread" and mix evenly with the rest of the stir fry? I tend to have the same problem. The noodles aren't sticky at all, but somehow they won't blend with the vegetables.

Though next time I might try to add them bit by bit.

How Can I Keep Rice Noodles from Sticking Together?
Good Questions

9/20/10 12:18 PM

Why would the sauce keep only one week in the freezer?

Recipe: Tomato-Cilantro Shrimp
8/5/10 12:22 PM