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Hi--what a great tree! Quirky and loved.

I don't know where to send this question, so I'll add it here: where did you get those long, padded cushions that were on your day bed? You stacked them so that you made a diy sofa. I am trying to find something like those here in SF.
Thanks! Happy holidays!

Happy Holidays & The Best of 2010
12/28/10 12:19 PM

Beautiful, from top to bottom!

The Browns' Cottage Novella
House Tour

11/21/10 07:07 PM

Good quality make-up brushes should last years and years, especially if you wash them every month or so. I have had brushes for 15 years and they are still going strong!

6 Things In Your Home To Replace Right Now
8/28/10 12:42 PM

Distant gray is on my kitchen walls, with Chantilly Lace on the ceiling--they looks great. Whitewater bay is in my hallway, where there is a little natural light but not tons--it looks fabulous, too! I have been sampling so many white paints this summer, but it all paid off. I love how they look!

Which White Paint Do You Like?
8/5/10 11:35 AM