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Hi Re-Nest Friends!

It's true. The tip from thekitchn is the best for peeling garlic, while simultaneously keeping it intact. However, if you ever need to crush AND peel, this tip works great!

Thanks for sharing your input!

Hot Tip! Easy Trick for Crushing and Peeling Garlic!
11/17/11 07:51 PM

Thanks for the thoughtful response, Kristin (Green Bough).

Ho Ho Ho! Festive Eco-Friendly Handmade Decorations
12/7/10 01:07 PM

That is really funny, jsev!

The Secret Chemicals in Fragrances
Decoding Household Chemicals

10/1/10 01:33 AM

Hi Re-Nesters!

If you have some fabric to repurpose, try this fun and easy slipper craft project from Martha Stewart.


House Slippers: Slip into Health, Hygiene & Comfort

9/14/10 03:16 PM

Hi Everyone!

Yellow fabrics used with gray suit prints (e.g. pinstripe, herringbone, and houndstooth) is also a handsome pairing.

Sleep in Style: Handmade Bedding in Yellow and Gray
9/7/10 03:56 PM

Living Room Wall Décor -- For the Curious:

The living room wall décor above intersects green lifestyle with good design. Wood sticks make up the vertical lines that reach into the coved ceiling. And the photos in front of them are installed with steel curtain wires and clips. (Tip: Curtain wires are multitaskers. Try repurposing one to organize your kitchen tools, grow a mini hanging herb garden, or hang art and photographs.

Installation tips:
• Borrow a staple gun to quickly hang the wood sticks.
• Install affordable steel curtain wire and clips with IKEA's Deka. (

Good luck. Have fun. And think green design.

Angie's 'Something Old, New, Borrowed, and Blue'
Green House Call

8/5/10 05:02 AM

Hi Everybody. Thanks for checking out my house tour and for all your nice comments!

Angie's 'Something Old, New, Borrowed, and Blue'
Green House Call

8/5/10 04:20 AM