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I fully realize that unpredictable circumstances happen. Jobs end, disease hits, relationships go sour, catastrophes happen. No one is safe from these things. My heart goes out to you, particularly those who already had children and suddenly find themselves needing to survive on minimum wage.

My respect to @HCL and others without children who are waiting to have them until finances improve.

Budget Living: Living On Minimum Wage
7/25/14 08:49 PM

If you live near an expensive college, check the curbs at the end of spring semester. Some well-off students discard a lot of stuff in good condition rather than carting somewhere for the summer. Freecycle might be another option.

Budget Living: Living On Minimum Wage
7/25/14 08:38 PM

Just curious, @emilyryz. Will you tell us your monthly cost for gas?

Budget Living: Living On Minimum Wage
7/25/14 10:00 AM

Yes, that's just what we need, more chemicals polluting the air. Particularly nice in crowded airport waiting areas... Or not.

Communicating with All Your Senses: Sending Aromatic Texts Design Milk
7/24/14 10:03 AM

If I chose to purchase a new refrigerator, I would opt for a black one.

What Should I Do with Awkward Space above Fridge? Good Questions
7/24/14 07:30 AM


NYC Approves \"Poor Door\" Developer Request Design News
7/22/14 08:22 PM

Perhaps the shoes belong to the photographer? I assume that they do and were included in the shot to add some whimsy.

How To Set The Table Properly
7/22/14 09:44 AM

Agree with @discerning and @tweetie Pie. Weekend posts are great. Adrienne does a nice job.

13 DIY Project Ideas to Revitalize Old, Tired & Boring Items Around Your Home
7/19/14 08:25 PM

Under the weather today! Mixing chicken noodle and hot and sour soups. Fruits and juices. And Ibuprofen.

Under the Weather Weekend Meditation
7/13/14 03:12 PM


A Day in the Life of a Farm A New Generation on the Farm
7/13/14 11:56 AM

" (I also have enjoyed the upgrade to exotic pet person from crazy rodent lady.)"

---Still chuckling over this one. Thanks!

Tips For Negotiating a Lease with Exotic Pets
7/11/14 10:04 AM

I also am confused by the champagne advice. Why "mindlessly finish it"?

The Lightweight's Guide to Drinking at Summer Weddings
7/8/14 09:37 AM

So what's a good brand of tonic, without hfcs or preservatives?

Cocktail Recipe: Frozen Gin & Tonic The 10-Minute Happy Hour
7/4/14 11:42 PM

A couple of responses to this post are so outrageously rude, insensitive, and ignorant, it's appalling.

Happy Fourth to everyone else, and thank you to everyone who has served, is serving, or will serve our country. That includes their families, for their sacrifices are great.

How Do I Leave My Heritage Home For a Cookie Cutter Duplex? Good Questions
7/4/14 11:51 AM

I think I used "ground-nut" incorrectly. My family member's allergy is to peanuts, soybeans, garbanzos, and some other legumes.

5 of My Favorite Recipes for Accommodating Special Diets at the Backyard Barbecue The Hospitable Host
7/3/14 10:29 AM

With a family member who has serious dairy (and that includes even a drop of butter, ghee, whey, etc.) and ground-nut allergies (e.g., no soy sauce, soymilk, garbanzos, etc.), I label my buffet foods (e.g., "contains - - -").

It's a pain for visitors to bother the host with a barrage of questions about what's included in each dish, particularly so if the host used a processed food to prepare it and is unaware of that item's contents.

5 of My Favorite Recipes for Accommodating Special Diets at the Backyard Barbecue The Hospitable Host
7/3/14 10:25 AM

It's great that this home went to someone who can love and respect it.

Janine's Beautiful Baltimore Home House Call
7/3/14 07:51 AM

@Virginia Grayson's and @ec05's answers above are terrific. And thank you to your entire family for its service to our country.

How Do I Leave My Heritage Home For a Cookie Cutter Duplex? Good Questions
7/2/14 09:22 AM

You want me to give up heat to style my hair AND cover my mirrors? Uh...

Personal Challenges: 18 Fasts to Improve Your Health, Wealth & Outlook
7/1/14 02:53 PM

Painters tape seems to work well.

Garage Sale Secrets: How to Price & Display Your Stuff to Sell! Apartment Therapy's Guide to the Perfect Summer
6/29/14 05:54 PM