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I love this home! The light, airy, open feeling of it and all the rustic, salvaged pieces - especially that rad kitchen sink!!!

Joel & McKenzie's Salvaged Live/Work Loft
House Tour

1/27/11 02:06 PM

wow - amazing!!! I want to live there :)

NYC Penthouse Uses Recycled Subway Parts
1/25/11 01:06 PM

this is a great list! Homemade chicken soup, made with pasture-raised chicken from the greenmarket, helps get me through the winter months. I make a big pot on the weekend and have plenty of leftovers for dinner throughout the week, plus some for the freezer. Nothing like coming home to a steaming bowl of soup after work on a cold night :)

10 Food Tips To Keep You Happy During Winter
1/22/11 08:46 AM

Name: 101 cookbooks

The Homies: Best Home Cooking Blog of 2011?
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1/21/11 02:15 PM

I love it! Cozy, rustic, bright, modern all at once. And I am drooling over the awesome storage solutions :)

Lauren's Tiny 400-Square-Foot Cozy Apartment
Green Tour

1/11/11 02:34 PM

Gorgeous! I love the contrast of the sleek stainless steel and rustic, dark wood. And I'm a tiny kitchen Manhattanite so I'm very jealous of the generous size, too :)

Mike's Masculine Vintage Kitchen
Kitchen Spotlight

1/10/11 01:36 PM

Loved this post! A fresh start, indeed.

The Best Fresh Start… Vipassana & Design
1/10/11 01:34 PM

Well, in an indirect way this strikes me as sort of a high-class, distant cousin of the watermelon roll they served at Friendly's when I was a kid. I loved the watermelon + ice cream combo then, and I'm sure I'd love it now :) Will definitely try it this summer.

Oddly Amazing: Watermelon Sundae with Ricotta Ice Cream
Recipe Reviews

8/9/10 03:27 PM

This is one of my favorite breakfasts, and it totally repulses my boyfriend since he's an avocado-hater! I love it with olive oil, Maldon sea salt, sometimes a bit of smoked paprika, za'atar, and/or minced garlic.

Avocado Toast: Simply the Best Breakfast Ever?
8/4/10 05:25 PM